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Small towns have their own charm. Each of them has its own character. Hamina is one of the most attractive small towns in Finland. We recommend visiting Hamina if you will be traveling between Helsinki and St. Petersburg by car.

Don't fuss in small, old towns. Try a leisurely stroll through the old streets to get to know the character of the city. Walk along the quiet streets, admire the houses, monuments and take your time. After the construction of the bypass road, many tourists drive past Hamina, and the city has become even quieter and calmer.

Hamina is located in the province of Kymenlaakso in southeastern Finland, on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. The city is home to about 20 thousand inhabitants. See the map.

Length of drive from some cities:

  • Helsinki - Hamina - 140 km.
  • Kotka - Hamina - 25 km.
  • Russian border crossing point - Hamina - 40 km.
  • St. Petersburg - Hamina - 240 km.

Hamina is the oldest town in the Kymenlaakso region (founded in 1653). The city center has a radial-ring layout. The Town Hall Square is in the center.

Hamina's wooden houses, preserved military fortifications, monuments and seaside nature attract tourists to the city. It is better to get acquainted with the historical city center on foot.

Attractions and places to visit

Hamina Town Hall Square is the center of the city, but I usually start walking around Hamina from the Market Square.

Market Square

Market Square is a modern city center, a busy place on summer weekends. Hamina Market Square is located in the city center, 200 meters from the Town Hall Square (as well as from the bus station).
At the edge of the square is the Flag Tower, where a tourist information point (maps, books and guides) is open in summer. Hamina Summer Park (Kesäpuisto) starts at the opposite end of the market square. (We recommend to visit.)

Haminan kauppatori
Photo: Hamina market square on a summer day.

Town Hall Square

The Town Hall Square is the center of Hamina's radial circular plan. The square is 500 meters from the bus station. Hamina Town Hall is located in the middle of the Town Hall Square. This is a beautiful Empire style building designed by the renowned architect Engel. Eight streets branch off from the Town Hall Square in different directions. They are connected by two circular streets (Isoympyräkatu and Pikkuympyräkatu). Old wooden houses can be seen around the Town Hall Square. Well-preserved old wooden houses are the pride of the townspeople.
Also there are nearby: Church of St. John, Church of Mary, Orthodox Church of St. Peter and Paul, House-Museum of a merchant, City Museum.

Haminan raatihuone
Photo: Hamina Town Hall.

Hamina Bastioni

Hamina Bastioni is not a bastion, not a military fortification, but an event venue (event arena) located in the territory of military fortifications. The arena has a canopy that can protect from both rain and sun. The Hamina Bastion Arena regularly hosts events, the most famous of which are the Hamina Tattoo International Military Music Festival and the Night of Lights City Festival. Distance from the Town Hall Square is about 150 meters.

Reserve Officers School

The territory of southeastern Finland has been involved in many wars, so it is not surprising that there are military institutions and monuments here.
The main building of the School for Reserve Officers (Reserviupseerikoulu, RUK) in Hamina is located 200 meters from the Town Hall Square.
Near the main building of the Reserve Officers' School there is a monument to fallen officers and monuments - artillery pieces.

The Museum of the School of Reserve Officers is located on the street 300 meters from the main building. The museum has more than 900 exhibits. In front of the museum there is an STU-40 self-propelled gun from the Second World War as a monument.

Monument to Varvara

The monument to Varvara is located on Kadettikulunkatu Street, between the main building of the School of Reserve Officers and the RUK Museum. The Veikko Haukkavaara sculpture depicts Varvara Shantina (1870-1941), who traded in baked goods and sold pies to the cadets. The monument was installed her former grateful clients in 1972.
Address: Kadettikoulunkatu 7, Hamina.

Varvara-patsas Haminassa


If you want to feel the atmosphere of a seaside town, head to Haminan Tervasaari. Tervasaari is a beautiful place, a popular summer vacation spot for the townspeople. Tervasaari is about 1 km from Hamina Bus Station.
There is an old customs warehouse building, the Hyöky museum ship, an embankment, a cafe, a beach, a barbecue area, a summer guest harbor.

These are not all interesting places in Hamina. In fact, you need to come to Hamina (as well as to Finland in general) to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in big cities. To get the maximum effect, you need to spend several days here and there is no hurry.


Hamina is a small town with few hotels. But, usually, there are enough places to stay for all tourists. On days of public events, you may have to look for accommodation in neighboring cities (for example, in Kotka).

SpaHotel Hamina. The hotel is located in the center of Hamina, next to the Market Square. The hotel's spa includes swimming pools, a hot tub, cold pool, hot tubs, saunas and a gym.
Address: Sibeliuskatu 32, 49400 Hamina, Finland.

Haminan Seurahuone. The hotel is located in a historic building in the city center, between the Town Hall and the Market Square. Rooms have refrigerators and tea / coffee making facilities.
Address: Pikkuympyräkatu 5, 49400 Hamina, Finland.

Book a place to stay.

Camping Pitkäthiekat. The camping is located by the sea, about 6.5 km from the center of Hamina (before reaching the city from the border). The campsite has different accommodation options: small cottages, places for campers and tents. The terrace offers sea views. There is a sandy beach.



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