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New Orleans - Places to Visit in the USA

Where to go on your next trip? Which cities to visit? Where to spend your vacation? Such questions periodically arise for all travel lovers. The choice is very large. If you've never been to New Orleans, then maybe you should visit this city?

New Orleans is one of the most visited cities in the United States. It is one of the most culturally diverse and attractive cities in the southern United States. Don't miss New Orleans. Include it in your travel itinerary. Set aside 2 to 3 days for a New Orleans vacation.

In the USA there are very many good cities for tourists. Each has its own pros and cons.

If you want great beaches and nice, warm weather, then you need to go to Florida (for example, Miami Beach).
Orlando is the best place for families with children.
Las Vegas will offer you a daily holiday, casinos, nightlife and trips to the National Parks.

New Orleans does not have the most comfortable, warm and dry climate and great beaches. New Orleans is often hot and humid. But this city has something that attracts many tourists every year.

New Orleans is a great destination for those who love live music, jazz, blues.
New Orleans is an interesting city for gourmets and food lovers. Local cuisine combines local, Creole and French cuisine. There are excellent restaurants and cafes here.
New Orleans has a variety of attractions, from the world famous French Quarter to St. Charles Avenue.
The New Orleans area hosts many exciting events every year. The most famous of them: Carnival (Mardi Gras), New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Southern Decadence, French Quarter Festival.

Food, music and culture make many US residents return to New Orleans. At the same time, unfortunately, it is often mentioned that New Orleans has problems with crime and keeping clean.

New Orleans (Louisiana) is located in the southeastern United States near the confluence of the Mississippi River with the Gulf of Mexico. The city is located approximately 70 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, on the southern shore of Lake Pontchartrain.

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Getting to and around

Distances from New Orleans to some cities (when traveling by car):

  • Orlando - 640 miles.
  • Miami - 830 miles.
  • Tampa - 650 miles.
  • Atlanta - 470 miles.
  • Houston - 360 miles.
  • New York - 1,300 miles
  • Montreal - 1,600 miles.

You can get to New Orleans by different types of transport: plane, train, bus or private car. The choice of transport depends on the place of departure and your preferences.

Amtrak offers routes to New Orleans from various US cities.
The bus is a convenient form of transport for relatively short routes.
New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal is located in the center of New Orleans, just 8-10 blocks from the edge of the French Quarter. Address: 1001 Loyola Ave., New Orleans.

The best ways to get around New Orleans are on foot, by public transportation or by bike.

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) is located 11 miles (18 km) west of downtown New Orleans. Thre is a bus service between the airport and downtown New Orleans.

You can also take a taxi or rent a car (book online).

You can buy a plane ticket here.

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What to do and what to see

You can spend time in New Orleans. Wander the French Quarter, walk the Mississippi River Promenade, listen to live music, see street art, spend time in the park, and much of it for free. You can also buy a guided tour or river tour.

The French Quarter. The French Quarter is the most popular tourist destination in New Orleans. The French Quarter runs along the Mississippi River for approximately 0.8 miles (1.3 km) from Canal Street to Esplanade Avenue. The Quarter is approximately 05 miles (800 meters) wide, from the banks of the Mississippi River (Moonwalk promenade) to North Rampart Street and Louis Amstrong Park (800 meters). The French Quarter combines old (and new) houses, hotels, bars, restaurants.

The French Quarter is located in the center of New Orleans , approximately 1.5 miles (30 minutes walk) from Union Passenger Terminal.

Bourbon Street. Bourbon Street is the most famous street in the French Quarter. All tourists consider it necessary to walk along this street. Bourbon Street crosses the French Quarter parallel to the riverbank, approximately 450 meters from the waterfront. Bourbon Street gets busiest in the evenings.

Moonwalk promenade. A beautiful promenade (Moonwalk) runs along the banks of the Mississippi River. stroll along the Moonwalk. It is a popular place for locals, musicians, and tourists. We definitely recommend taking a walk along the Moonwalk Promenade. You will get some of the best views of the city.

There is a pier on the banks of the Mississippi River. You can go for a river cruise in an old-style ship, with jazz and good food.

Jackson Square. It is a historic park in the French Quarter, just 100 meters from the "Moon Walk". Every year, the square hosts the French Quarter Festival. It is Must see place when going to New Orleans.

Where To Stay In New Orleans

Most tourists spend most of their time in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Therefore, the most convenient place for tourists in most cases can be considered this district of the city - the French Quarter and its surroundings. There are also many good hotels, both relatively inexpensive and luxury.
If you are arriving / leaving by public transport, then it will be convenient for you to choose a hotel a little south of the French Quarter, in the direction of Union Passenger Terminal.

The French Quarter Festival is scheduled to take place from April 11 to April 14 in 2024.

A map will help you find a good hotel.


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