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Finland is one of the best and safest travel destinations in Europe this summer

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Which country would you like to go on vacation to to make your vacation enjoyable, fun and safe? The most popular countries come to mind first: Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Turkey, Mexico. But there is another very interesting tourist destination - Finland. There are signs that Finland could become a very popular holiday destination this year.

Of course you won't find a very warm sea and very warm weather in Finland, but Finland has its own charm. The nature here is very beautiful, unlike the nature of the southern countries. There are no crowds of tourists and no bustle of large, southern cities. You can have a great rest in a very calm environment on the shore of the lake or the Baltic Sea. And, most importantly in our time, Finland isone of the safest countries in Europe in terms of the risk of coronavirus infection. I have been to Finland many times and recommend that you visit Finland if it is available to you.

Visit the national parks of Finland.

Many tourists are surprised that the water here can be drunk from the tap or from the river, and berries can be eaten right in the forest. Fewer people live here in the entire country than in the neighboring metropolis, so the air is not polluted by the exhaust gases of cars. Nature and ecology are the main attractions in Finland.

Olavinlinna fortress

European airlines are already preparing to restore passenger traffic to Finland. There are three airports through which tourists arrive in Finland. These are Helsinki Airport, Turku Airport and Lappeenranta Airport. Low-cost airlines are already offering tickets at very competitive prices, for example from Germany to Lappeenranta. We would advise you to purchase airline tickets and book your accommodation in advance.

Which region of Finland should you choose for your vacation? It is best to book a seaside holiday home somewhere in the lakeside region of Finland (Mikkeli, Savonlinna, Jyväskylä, Lappeenranta, Imatra). The coast of the Baltic Sea is very popular near the cities of Helsinki and Turku (Naantali, Ruissalo, Hanko, Porvo, Lovisa, Kotka). Closeness to nature, environmental friendliness and ecology are currently the number one trends in Finnish tourism.

Look the Finland tourist map before your trip.

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Living close to nature has become very popular in recent years and will continue to grow in popularity. Finland is one of the most interesting countries for those who want to see nature almost untouched by people. Especially the lake region and Lapland can be of interest to tourists.

To get a closer feel for nature, we recommend that you try to book a glamping or an igloo house for your stay.

You can choose where to stay here.


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