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Festivals this Summer in Spain

Submitted by Visit Plus on Sun, 06/11/2023 - 20:36

Festivals and events are re-starting in Spain. Some events have been postponed, but some festivals will still take place this year. Here you will find information about the festivals planned for this summer in Spain: date, venue, description and useful information for tourists.

(These events are confirmed at the time of this posting. Any event may be rescheduled or canceled.)

Noches del Botánico - Botanical Nights in Madrid

Dates: June 7 - July 27, 2024.
The Noches del Botánico (Botanical Nights) Festival will take place from June 7 to July 30 in 2023 in Madrid. This festival provides an opportunity to enjoy good music on summer evenings in the fresh air, in nature. The festival is held at the Royal Botanic Garden of Alfonso XIII of the Complutense University of Madrid. Doors will open at 19:00 on every day of the program.
In total, more than 50 collectives and artists will perform on the stage of the Botanical Garden of the Complutense University.
Venue: Real Jardín Botánico Alfonso XIII.
Address: Av. Complutense, s / n, 12, 28040 Madrid.

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Vida Festival

Dates: July 04 - 06, 2024.
The Vida Festival will take place in the municipality of Vilanova i la Geltrú, which is located on the coast, between the cities of Barcelona and Tarragona. The distance to Barcelona (as well as to Tarragona) is about 50 kilometers. It is planned that the festival will feature over 50 different artists.
Location: next to Masia d'en Cabanyes. The train station and bus station are in the city center, about a 20-minute walk from the festival. You can get to Vilanova i la Geltrú from Barcelona and Tarragona by train or bus.

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Barcelona Beach Festival

Date: The Barcelona Beach Festival is apparently canceled in 2023.
Barcelona Beach Festival (BBF) is an electronic music festival held annually in Playa del Forum in Barcelona. This is one of the biggest music festivals in Spain.

Astromona Fest

Date: July --, 2023.
Astromona Fest will once again take place on the Musientes football field. Hopefully, the festival will have good music, good atmosphere and good mood. You can set up a tent next to the festival site.
The festival is held near the town of Musientes, about 13 kilometers north of the town of Valladolid. The distance to Madrid is approximately 200 kilometers. Free buses will be launched on the Valladolid - Musientes route.

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La Mar de Músicas festival

Dates: July 19-27, 2024.
The Mar de Músicas festival is held annually in Cartagena (Mercia). The concerts take place at various locations in the city center. The festival is dedicated to culture and folk music from all over the world. Every year the festival is dedicated to the music of a country. The La Mar de Músicas festival is a good reason to visit Cartagena during your vacation. You can also learn about the history of the city of Cartagena.
The distance from Cartagena to Murcia is approximately 50 kilometers. Distance to Alicante is approximately 120 kilometers.

Jazzaldía festival

Dates: July 26-30, 2024 (subject to change).
San Sebastian Jazz Festival is also known as the Jazzaldía. It is the oldest jazz festival in Spain and one of the oldest in Europe. Musicians perform at various venues throughout the city. A good excuse for jazz music lovers to travel to Spain.
Jazzaldia will offer a total of 60 free and paid concerts at 8 different venues in the city in 2023.
The city of San Sebastian is located in northern Spain, on the Atlantic coast, near the border with France. The distance to Madrid is approximately 450 kilometers.

You can get to San Sebastian by train or plane. San Sebastian Airport is located 20 kilometers from the city of San Sebastian.

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DCode festival

Dates: September --, 2023.
The DCode Festival takes place in early September at the Complutense University of Madrid campus (Cantarranas playground). You will have the opportunity to enjoy live music if you are in Madrid these days.
The festival site is located near the CIUDAD UNIVERSITARIA metro station (circular line 6).
Address: Av. Puerta de Hierro, 6, 28040 Madrid. (Distance from Madrid Atocha railway station is approximately 6 kilometers.)

Chanquete World Music Festival

Date: September 3, 2022.
The Chanquete World Music Festival is held at El Playazo Beach in Nerja in Andalusia. You can enjoy the sun, sea, music on the sandy beach. The open-air concert features well-known artists performing music of different genres.
El Playazo beach is located slightly west of the center of Nerja (about 1.5 kilometers). This is the longest beach in Nerja. Next to the beach is the Marinas de Nerja Beach & Spa. (We recommend booking in advance.)
The city of Nerja is located on the Costa del Sol region (province of Málaga, Mediterranean Sea), about 60 kilometers east of the city of Malaga.

The Fallas in Valencia

Dates:15 – 19 March 2024.
The Fallas, the festival of fire, is held annually in usualy March in Valencia. The event had been postponed to September in 2021.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Ofrenda (offering) of flowers to Our Lady of the Forsaken.
Sunday - Cremà (burning) of all the fallas (sculptures) (multiple locations at different times 02:00 - midnight - 01:00).

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Festivals and other cultural events can make your vacation more enjoyable and full of experiences.


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