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Some great ideas for nice Christmas vacations

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Christmas is a great time to travel. These days we can go somewhere for a few days to get new emotions, change the environment, visit interesting places. (Christmas holidays usually begin in December, before Christmas and end in early January, after New Year's Day, both in the United States and in many other countries.)

Festive Season travel needs to be prepared in advance. You shouldn't rely on last-minute travel if you're determined not to stay home these days.

Have you decided where to go for Christmas break? I will share with you my thoughts on how I would like to spend my winter holidays.

Some great winter travel ideas

Snowy Christmas Holidays

I really love summer, but, in my opinion, it is impossible to fully enjoy the warmth of summer if there was no cold, frosty, snowy, beautiful winter. Winter is a great time to be active! You can ski, go dog sledding, walk the trails in the national parks and enjoy the beauty of winter. It is very pleasant to sit in the evening by the fireplace in the hotel in the evening, after outdoor walks and sports in the cold during the day.

You only need to choose a good location and the right clothes.

There are many good ski resorts and snow walks in the United States. Choose the one that is convenient for you to get to.
Some of the most popular: Big Sky resort, Aspen (in the Rocky Mountains), The Finger Lakes region, Gore Mountain, Arapahoe Basin
I myself would like to spend Christmas and Winter Holidays there.
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I'm sorry! Maybe I'm wrong! Maybe you live in the northern states and the snowy winter is familiar to you! Of course, in this case you need a Beach Vacation in winter.

Alpine skiing

Beach vacation

I know from my own experience that it is very pleasant to spend a vacation by the warm sea, on the beach, basking in the sun, at a time when it is cold (frosty, rainy) in your home region.
The most popular beach destinations for Americans during Christmas holidays are the Caribbean and (possibly) Hawaii.

Florida beaches are the number one choice for many vacationers. You have a fairly wide selection of good beaches, from crowded to fairly secluded. You can choose yourself. For example: Miami Beach, Clearwater Beach, Crystal Sands Beach, St. Petersburg. (It is possible to rent a car and visit several places during a short vacation even.)

I would not mind spending my holidays in neighboring countries as well. For example, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. If you cannot choose for yourself, then I would recommend, as an option, go to Cancun or Riviera Maya.

Cuncun isla mujeres Mexico

Visit the United States famous cities

It is not at all necessary to spend a winter vacation in a ski resort or on the beach by the sea. You can go to those cities that you have long wanted to visit.

During the holidays, most cities in the United States are decorated with lights, ornaments, and Christmas trees. Ice rinks are available in some cities.

New York City is a great place for your Christmas vacation.
Chicago offers many activities and a variety of holiday traditions.
Orlando is famous for its theme parks (Walt Disney World, SeaWorld). The beautiful beaches are also not very far away.

Las Vegas

Anything special

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford long-distance travel. The ancient cities of Europe have a long tradition of celebrating Christmas.
The cities that I would like to visit myself and would recommend to you: Munich and Berlin in Germany, Bern in Switzerland, Tallinn in Estonia.
I was for Christmas in Prague (Czech Republic) and Vienna (Austria) and loved it there.
Another special place is the city of Rovaniemi in Finland.

Vienna Town Hall


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