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These services will be useful to you on the island of Rhodes

If you are planning to go on vacation, then you should prepare for the trip in advance. There are many online services on the Internet that will be useful to tourists.

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The first thing to do before going on vacation is to buy a plane ticket. Almost all travelers search for flights online.


The second thing you should take care of is choosing a place to stay. You, most likely, have already decided where you want to live during your vacation (the city of Rhodes, the resort village of Faliraki, the village of Lindos or others).
It is very easy to find the right hotel online (as well as an apartment or holiday home).


The only international airport on the island of Rhodes is located near the city of Rhodes. You can get to your hotel by bus or taxi. You can also rent a car directly from the airport.

🚕 Order a taxi to the Rhodes aiport.

Tours and activities

What do you intend to do during your vacation? I'm sure not only to lie on the beach and visit bars. We recommend that you book a guided tour or boat trip.

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Car rental

It is very convenient to have a car at your disposal while on vacation in Rhodes. You can make your own route and travel schedule around the island. You don't even need to solve the problem of how to get from the airport to the hotel. (Here you can book a rental car with local rental companies, at a better price.)

Rhodes | Flights | Accommodation | Taxi | Tours and activities | Map

Rhodes | Flights | Accommodation | Taxi | Rental Car | Tours and activities

Map of the island of Rhodes

Where are all these interesting places and how to get there? Maps are a must for active tourists.
Our Rhodes Island Tourist Map will help you plan your trip before you even set off.


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