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Where to go for Christmas break? Here are some travel ideas!

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Where is the best place to spend your Christmas holidays 2023 and celebrate the New Year 2024? Most US residents will probably answer - at home, with your family. But we,travel lovers, are irresistibly eager to go on our next trip!

Where would you recommend to go during the Christmas break? Which is better, a white Christmas with frost and snow or a winter break on the beach, by the warm sea?
I think so:

  • If you live in the northern states, it seems logical to head south. Where there are sandy beaches, a lot of sun and a warm climate.
  • If you have not been skiing for many years, have not walked on clean, white, crisp snow, if you have not basked by the fireplace after walking in the cold, then you should definitely go where there is a real, white, snowy winter.

Choose what you want: White Christmas, City Vacation or Beach Weekend.

Traveling for the festive season should be planned in advance. You shouldn't rely on last minute travel if you are determined to travel, but good luck is possible these days.

Ski resort USA

Aspen, Colorado

There are several good ski resorts in Colorado. Aspen is one of the most popular. Active travelers and leisure travelers alike will love celebrating Christmas in Aspen. Aspen is home to several luxury resorts with cozy fireplaces and luxurious spa facilities for relaxation.
See Aspen location on the map.

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is another popular American ski resort. There are excellent skiing conditions. Interesting festive events are also organized for the guests. You can choose to stay either in a comfortable, family-run cottage or in a hotel with direct access to the ski slopes.
Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park are also nearby.

Choose whichever winter resort is easiest for you to reach. Or go somewhere farther, like Canada or Alaska.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a great place to visit for Christmas. Since the city is usually quite cold in winter, the chances of seeing snow, ice and feeling frost are almost guaranteed.
Discover Chicago.

Stowe, Vermont

Stowe is sometimes called the "Ski Capital of the East". One of the most popular ski resorts on the East Coast - Stowe Mountain is located in Vermont. The ski areas are located on two mountains: Mansfield and Spruce Peak. If you don't want to ski, you can just walk the trails and get spa treatments. (Distance from New York City is approximately 340 miles.)

New York

If you are thinking about city tourism for Christmas, then you are probably thinking about a trip to New York. It is said that there is no better time than Christmas to travel to New York. Probably everyone can recommend seeing the city, adorned with twinkling lights and impressive trees, at least once in a lifetime. You will have to decide for yourself whether to go to the big city, or it is better to spend your vacation in some quieter town.
Travel Information - Please read before traveling to New York.

Highlands, North Carolina

Residents of large cities sometimes just need to spend their holidays in small, quiet towns. If you're looking for an adorable small town Christmas experience, head to Highlands, North Carolina for example during the Christmas season. This picturesque town is located in the southern Appalachian Mountains, in the Nantahala National Forest.
We wish you a Merry Christmas.

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Rovaniemi, Finland

Looking for an unusual destination for your Christmas trip? Go on vacation to Santa Claus's hometown! Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland, is home to Santa Claus Village and Santa Park. You can also go dog sledding or reindeer sledding. There is also a ski center nearby. If you're lucky, you might see the northern lights. For unusual places to stay, you can choose a glass-roofed igloo. You can spend the night under the stars.
Learn more about Finland.


Most Americans probably have no desire to visit Europe. But for those who would still like to visit Europe, Paris is at the top of their wish list. A trip to Paris is the dream of many travel lovers in many countries around the world.
And although summer, spring and early autumn are the best times to visit Paris, Paris creates a special feeling during Christmas.
Would you like to stroll along the Champs Elysees, brightly lit with Christmas lights, and see the sparkling Eiffel Tower?
Let's fly to Paris!

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a very beautiful city with unique architecture. During the Christmas days, the Christmas market is held in the main square of the Old Town. (It is considered a must to try Prague Trdelniks (pies) while in Prague.) You do not need to pay to see the main sights of Prague, Old Town Square and Charles Bridge.
Learn more about Prague.

Spend your winter holidays on the beach

🌴 There are many people who like to spend winter holidays in warm countries on the beach. It is very pleasant to lie on the beach and swim in the warm sea, when the cold winter weather is at home. Florida, Mexico, Hawaii are among the most popular winter beach destinations for Americans. 🏖

Florida. Florida is one of the most popular places escape winter for northern states residents. While the cold weather is in the northern states, the weather is pretty pleasant in Florida. There are many wonderful beaches in Florida. You yourself can find a great place for a beach vacation. For example: Miami Beach, Clearwater Beach, Crystal Sands Beach.

You can find many of the popular travel destinations on the USA map.

Hawaii. When planning your winter vacation you need to keep Hawaii in mind. Although it may rain, the weather is generally warm, sunny and comfortable.
Don't forget to buy a cruise to watch migrating humpback whales. (They appear in this ocean region from mid-December to March.)
Learn more about Hawaii vacations.

Mexico. MMexico is a very popular tourist destination for US residents. Mexico is very close and the flight lasts only a short time. Cancun is one of the most well-known Mexican resort cities. South of the city of Cancun there is the Riviera Maya tourist coast, the cities of Playa del Carmen and Tulum, the islands of Cozumel and Mujeres. Many people return to Mexico over and over again.
Learn more ....

Cancun, Mexico

Dominican Republic. Tourism is actively recovering in the Dominican Republic at the end of 2021. The republic remains a very attractive (and fairly safe) winter vacation destination. In winter, you can watch whales, go surfing or just have fun on the beach.
More information about the Dominican Republic.

Maldives. Going on vacation to Hawaii or Mexico is a common thing for residents of the US and Canada. For a change, you could go on holiday to the Maldives. If you would like to spend your Christmas holidays on the beach and celebrate the New Year on the shores of the warm ocean, then why not go to the Maldives. Some five-star resorts in the Maldives are preparing special Christmas and New Year Eve programs for their guests.
Learn more ....

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