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Hermitage Theater

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Hermitage Theater in Saint Petersburg is a small theater with a small (250 seats) auditorium. The theater has not their own troupe and the performances are not held there every day. This theater was not intended for mass audiences. The theater was designed for the elite of the Russian Empire, for royal family and entourage. Anyone can visit the theater at a reasonable price now.

Photo of Hermitage Theater Auditorium

Hermitage Theater is located in the oldest part of Winter Palace building complex, near the Palace Square in Saint Petersburg. The theater building is adjacent to the main body of the palace (at the north-east side). The theater was conceived as a small theater for the imperial family and court.

Theater interior corresponds to its intended use. It is unique and represents a classical masterpiece of palace architecture of the XVIII century. The seats of armchairs exquisitely adorned with red velvet. The floor is covered with carpets. Unique chandeliers illuminate the auditorium. Hermitage Theatre was opened on Nov. 16, 1785.

Artists of Mariinsky Theatre, Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg Opera Theatre are performing in the Hermitage Theater now. The theater is very popular among foreign tourists.

Address: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Palace Square embankment 34.
Theater location is marked on the map below.
The nearest metro station is Admiralteiskaya.

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