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Hotels in Tampere - choose the right place to stay

Tampere has enough accommodation for tourists, hotels and apartments. Most tourists find it most convenient to choose a place to stay in the city center. You can reach most of the sights on foot, but also by bus or tram. Sometimes it is more comfortable to stay closer to the place where tourists plan to spend most of their time. In the summer, a lakeside house can be a very good choice.

In most cases, the surroundings of the train station are a nice area to stay in Tampere. It is a good choice for those traveling to Tampere by train or bus. From here you can walk to Tampere's most popular tourist destinations: Keskustori (Central Square), Finlayson factory area, Kauppahalli (Market Hall), Laukontori square and marina, railway station and bus station. The area has good transport links to other destinations by tram and bus.

Look at the map (hotels and apartments in Tampere).

Tammerkoski rapids (short river) flows through the center of Tampere from north to south through the center of Tampere. The river divides the city center into two parts. There is a railway line about 500 meters from the rapids (east of the river). Kyttälä and Ratina areas are located between Tammerkoski and the railway. Hämeenkatu is the central street of the city.

Kyttälä is an area in the center of Tampere, between Tammerkoski (west) and the railway (east). The Ratina area is to south of Kyttälä area.
The Kyttälä area is often the best choice for those looking for a good place to stay in Tampere. This may be the shortest walk to many places in Tampere.

Four-star hotel Scandic Tampere City. Great location right next to the train station. Bus and tram stops nearby. Address: Hämeenkatu 1, 33100 Tampere, Finland.
Walking distance from the hotel: Tampere railway station - 140 meters, bus station - 650 meters, Central square (Keskustori) - 500 meters, Särkänniemi amusement park - 2.1 kilometers.

Three-star hotel Omena Hotel Tampere. The hotel is located on Hämeenkatu street (central street of the city), opposite the Stockmann department store. It is a great inexpensive place to stay for those traveling by train.
Address: Hämeenkatu 7, 33100 Tampere, Finland.
(Walks to Tampere are about the same as from the Scandic Tampere City hotel.)

Four-star hotel Scandic Tampere Koskipuisto. Great location, next to Hämenkatu (central street of the city), on the edge of Koskipuisto park, on the shore of Tammerkoski river.
Address: Koskikatu 5, 33100 Tampere, Finland.
Walking distances from the hotel: Tampere railway station - 500 meters, bus station - 750 meters, Central square - 280 meters, Särkänniemi amusement park - 1.7 kilometers.

Four-star hotel Holiday Inn Tampere - Central Station, an IHG Hotel. The hotel is right next to the railroad, about 400 meters from the train station.
Address: Rautatienkatu 21, Tampere, 33100, Finland.

Tammerkoski (district) is the most popular area in Tampere, stretching from Hämeenkatu and Keskustori (Central Square) to the north to the Finlayson area. It is bordered on the east by Tammerkoski river and on the west by Hämeenpuisto boulevard.

There are no hotels in this area, but you can try to rent an apartment.

Forenom Aparthotel Tampere. The aparthotel is located in the heart of Tampere, at the intersection of Hämeenkatu street and Hämeenpuisto boulevard, close to Pyynikki Church Park.
Address: Hämeenkatu 28, 33200 Tampere, Finland.
Walking distance from the apartment: Tampere railway station - 1 kilometer, Central square - 300 meters, Särkänniemi amusement park - 1.2 kilometers.

Finlayson (district) is located north of Tammerkoski districts. The Finlayson factory area (historical and tourist area), Näsinpuisto park, and Mustanlahti Harbor are located in the Finlayson district.
There are no hotels in this area, but you can try to rent an apartment.

Look at the map (hotels and apartments in Tampere).

Nalkala is a part of Tampere that covers the southern part of the city center, from Hämeenkatu street and Central square to south to the to Laukontori square (on the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi). The eastern boundary of the district is Tammerkoski (river).
There is only one hotel in this district, but you can try to rent an apartment.

Four-star hotel Scandic Tampere Hämeenpuisto. The hotel is located in quiet surroundings a short walk from the lake shore. (Convenient for those traveling by car.)

Walking distance from the hotel: Tampere railway station - 1.3 kilometers, Keskustori square - 900 meters, Laukontori marina - 500 meters.

Ratina is a district in the center of Tampere, east of Tammerkoski river, south of Kyttälä area. Ratina is home to Tampere Bus Station, Ratina Stadium and Tampere's largest shopping center, Ratina.
There are no hotels in the Ratina district. The Original Sokos Hotel Ilves is the closest hotel to the bus station.

Four-star hotel Original Sokos Hotel Ilves Tampere. Tampere Great location. Great view from some of the rooms windows. It is the closest hotel to the bus station and stadium.

Tammela and Tulli Districts. To the east of the railway station there are the Tammela and Tulli districts. The most famous destination in Tammela is Tammelantori (market square).
The premises of the University of Tampere are located in the Tulli area.

Top hotels in this area:
Four-star hotel Tampere Scandic Tampere Station.
Four-star hotel Tampere Original Sokos Hotel Villa Tampere.
Four-star hotel Tampere Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere.
These hotels are very close to the train station. When traveling by train, the location is great

Hotels on the map

The map helps you to choose a convenient place to stay in Tampere. On the map you can see not only the location of the accommodation but also the price of the stay.



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