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Adler - a resort area in Sochi

Adler is a resort town in Russia, on the Black Sea coast. This is a popular place for Russians to spend their summer holidays in the Sochi region. If you are planning to go on vacation to Adler, it would be nice to understand what Adler is, where it is located and what districts it consists of.

Going on vacation to Sochi, tourists often have in mind not the city of Sochi itself, but other settlements. The fact is that the so-called Big Sochi is a huge territory that stretches along the seashore for about 100 kilometers. The center of Sochi is the most famous city of Greater Sochi, but Adler is no less popular with vacationers. (There is also Krasnaya Polyana as part of Greater Sochi, but this is more of a winter, ski resort.)

Adler - information for tourists
Where do more tourists go in the summer, to the center of Sochi, or to Adler? Probably in Adler! The fact is that Adler is a large area, which, in addition to the center of Adler, also includes the Imeretinsky resort and the resort town of Adler. There are a lot of hotels here, and prices can be found lower than in the center of Sochi. The Adler region stretches along the coast for 17 kilometers.

Adler is very conveniently located, near the airport and at the crossroads of three roads:
One direction - the Center of Sochi, and further through Tuapse and Gelendzhik to Anapa.
The second direction is to the mountains, past the airport to the ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana.
The third road leads to Abkhazia.
The proximity to the airport gives some inconvenience - the noise of the aircraft is well heard in the center of Adler.

The distance from the center of Adler to the center of Sochi is about 25 km, to the ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana a little more than 40 km.

Adler Center
The center of Adler, as it appears to tourists, stretches from the mouth of the Mzymta River, about two kilometers northwest along the coast, and from the coast to Lenin Street, which runs at a distance of 500 - 700 meters from the coast. Here are the most popular beaches and hotels in the center of Adler. There are many restaurants, cafes and canteens here. Most bus routes pass along Lenina Street, and you can take a bus to Sochi, to the Imeretinskaya Valley, to the airport or to Krasnaya Polyana.



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