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What websites can I use to book hotels in Russia

Submitted by Visit Plus on Sun, 05/15/2022 - 23:10

The best and most popular hotel booking service in the world, BookingCom, suspended its work in Russia in March 2022. It became impossible to book a hotel using this service (we hope that it is temporary). But, if you need to travel to Russia, on which website can you book a hotel? I live in Russia and will share with you the information that I know from the inside.

The best thing is to book your stay on the official website of the hotel. But, if you want to compare prices in different hotels, then it is more convenient for you to do this using the online hotel booking service.

There is another problem with booking on the hotel website. Fraudsters periodically create fake hotel websites and steal money from tourists. Can you tell a fake site from a real one?

Russia has had its own hotel booking services for quite a long time. But they usually provide service in Russian only.

The Yandex.Travel service has every chance to win in the competition for tourists in Russia. If you understand Russian, try this service. You can use the google translator.

"Ostrovok" hotel booking service has been operating in Russia for a very long time and it has a service in English, German, Spanish, Chinese and several more languages. (You can also find it under the name ZenHotels.)

The website "Sutochno" specializes in renting apartments and apartments (also hotels) and also has a page in English.

There is a very good search engine that compares prices in different booking systems - this is Hotellook.

Some well-known, international hotel chains have their own hotels in major Russian cities. It may be more convenient for you to book a hotel on the company's website.

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