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Tips from travel experts on how to buy a plane ticket at a good price and save money on your trip this summer

Submitted by Visit Plus on Sat, 06/25/2022 - 17:43

We were all waiting for the revival of tourism, but were not ready for the fact that there would be so many people wishing to travel. Polls show that Americans plan to travel more this year, summer and fall. More than 30% of Americans plan to travel outside the US. Many foreigners would like to visit the US in the next six months too. All this led to an increase in prices for flights and other tourist services. How can travelers save money? 😎

The reasons for the growth in demand for travel are various:

  • Americans miss travel and want to travel more.
  • The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced it is lifting the requirement for travelers to test negative for COVID-19 before entering the country.

But it seems that the airlines were not yet ready for such a large demand for flights. Airfare prices have skyrocketed this summer thanks to a combination of circumstances affecting the aviation sector. ☹

But we, travel lovers, are not very interested in why air tickets have risen in price. We would like to know how to fly on vacation and not spend too much money on flights and accommodation.

We asked the travel experts and here's what they said:

flights Try approaching your holiday planning in a different way this year. The main thing is that you enjoy the trip and do not spend too much, right?

Try to start by looking for a destination where you can afford to fly at a reasonable price. There are many interesting places in the world where you have not been yet. Such places may be closer to you and tickets may be cheaper. Try to prioritize in this order: time (dates) - price - available destination. Find the cheapest flights from your nearest airport for dates that suit you. Maybe you will find something suitable for you.

Summer is not really the best time to travel if price matters to us. If you have such an opportunity, move your vacation trip to the beginning or middle of autumn (September - October). In autumn, there are usually fewer travelers, and prices for flights and hotels are lower. In addition, the weather in many places is more pleasant in early autumn.

The old advice still applies this year: book early. Planning ahead can provide you with the cheapest flight options. Experience shows that it can be more profitable to book domestic flights from one to three months before the planned date of travel, and for international flights even earlier. Add one to two more months if you plan to travel during the holidays.

(For example: flights for the fall break and Christmas Vacation are recommended to start picking up in the summer.)

It is believed that the cheapest air tickets can be purchased on the day of departure. I once checked - there were simply no tickets. It's not worth the risk.

Experienced travelers also name other tricks for finding air tickets. For example: Search for one-way flights. Sometimes it is more profitable to buy separately one-way tickets, a flight there and a return. But this tactic rarely works, and (usually) only for domestic travel. Try it, you might be lucky.

Useful links for travelers:

Use the full power of modern information technologies. 👍

  • The price calendar will help you find the days and months with the best flight prices.
  • Some companies offer a subscription to messages about price reductions on the flight you need.
  • Some flight search engines make it possible to find all flights from your nearest airport at a price that suits you. (Choose a destination you can afford to visit.)

Based on personal experience, I dare to give some practical advice:

  • The Christmas holidays and student holidays are always high season in the USA. This affects demand and prices.
  • Miami. The high season is March, April and May. January can probably be considered the cheapest month to fly to Miami from the USA.
  • Las Vegas. January, February, April and September are usually the best months to travel to Las Vegas on a budget. In March, July and December prices may be higher.
  • On vacation in Hawaii. February and March can be the cheapest time to fly to Hawaii.
  • Tips for finding cheap flights to Cancun. The cheapest flights to Cancun can be found in January. June and July are considered high season.
  • The time of the Christmas holidays and summer holidays for schoolchildren is the busiest time in Europe. In my opinion, May and September is a great time to travel to Europe, Paris, Rome, Berlin.
  • But, in fact, great deals can be found at any time, if you're lucky. You just need to return to the search for flights more often, even if you have not yet decided where and when to go on a trip.

We wish you a pleasant holiday.


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