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Mikhailovsky Theater

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“Mikhailovsky” opera and ballet theater is one of the most famous musical theaters of Saint Petersburg. The theater is located in a historical building on the “Ploschad Iskusstv” square (Square of Arts).
Theater history begins from 1833, when by the decree of Emperor Nicholas I opened

Mikhailovsky theater

“Imperial Mikhailovsky Theater”. The theater was named after the youngest son of Paul I, Grand Duke Mikhail. In those days the theater was intended for members of the imperial family and other members of high society. Until 1918 the theater has not own troupe. Inside the theater performed troupes of Alexandrinsky Theater, French and German artists. Since 1918, the theater has own constant troupe.

The ballet troupe of the Mikhailovsky Theater was nominated by British critics in the section “Best international theatre company”. The main activities of the theater are of Russian and foreign musical theatre masterpieces, the most outstanding products of European opera and ballet.

Tickets to the Mikhailovsky Theatre can be purchased at the theater tickets offices of the city or directly on the site of the theater -

The nearest metro station is “Nevsky Prospect”.

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