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Lake Onega embankment in Petrozavodsk

Lake Onega embankment is the most popular place for tourists in Petrozavodsk. As Onega Lake is the main attraction of the city, Onega Embankment is a popular place for walking among tourists and locals.

Onega embankment is located in the center of the city, on the shore of Lake Onega. This is a pedestrian zone, a well-maintained section of the coast. The Onega embankment is about 1.5 kilometers long. (The coastline of Petrozavodsk is much larger.)

On Onega embankment there are quite a lot of art objects - works of modern sculptors. We cannot judge their artistic value, but for us tourists, these are good places for photographing.

It is very easy to get to Lake Onega embankment. If you arrive in Petrozavodsk by train, then from the railway station you will go out onto the main street of the city - Lenin Avenue. Along Lenina Avenue you will go straight to Lake Onega.

If you are coming to Petrozavodsk by car, head to the city center. You can park your car on Naberezhny Prospekt or on Pushkin Street (this is next to the embankment).

If you are looking for a good hotel in a good location in Petrozavodsk, then consider (for example) hotels Kosmos, SPA-hotel Karelia, Fregat, Masks. They are located near the waterfront.

In the southern part of the Onega embankment there is a pier, from which hydrofoil motor ships leave for Kizhi Island in summer. Tickets can be bought directly at the pier, but at the peak of the tourist season it is better to book in advance online. (We managed to buy tickets on the day of departure, but it was a weekday and there were few places left.)

Where can I eat near Onega embankment in Petrozavodsk? There is a restaurant (for example) in the Fregat Hotel (near the pier). But it is better to go to Lenina Avenue and walk along the avenue. (We really enjoyed Bistro Deja Vu.)

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