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Places to Travel for Labor Day Weekend

Submitted by Visit Plus on Wed, 07/12/2023 - 16:21

Fall trips can be even more enjoyable than summer ones. The Labor Day long weekend gives travel enthusiasts the opportunity to take another short trip before the onset of autumn. For families with school-age children, this is also a chance to spend time for their own pleasure, before the start of a new school year and extracurricular activities. 🎒

Labor Day long weekend 2023 runs from Saturday, September 2nd to Monday, September 4th.

Should you travel on Labor Day weekend? Of course yes! It is not known when such an opportunity will present itself to you again. 🚲

Let it be just a picnic with friends or family somewhere beautiful and not too remote place. You don't have to stay at home.

American travel has increased markedly in 2023. Short trips will be the most popular on Labor Day this year, as always. Visit neighboring towns or go for a walk in the nearest National Park. But, if you have the opportunity, you can spend a long weekend on the beach, such as Hawaii or Mexico.

Europe has seen an increase in the number of American tourists this year. Especially popular are, for example, Paris, Rome, Venice, London. We checked the cost of air tickets to Europe this year. Look at here.

We recommend that you plan your trip carefully. Book your stay in advance. Be sure to call attractions and restaurants before visiting to confirm current opening hours.

Where to go for the weekend? Most of us prefer short trips of one or two days. 🚗 It can be small towns, or a national park, somewhere nearby, maybe in a neighboring state, no more than a day's drive by car.

But you may have your own desire where to spend the last weekend before autumn. 🍂

If you can afford it, if you have free days, then you can go somewhere far away.

Spend a Labor Day weekend at the beach.
🏖 It's always a great idea to go to Hawaii. Celebrate the end of summer in the land of eternal summer. You can always have a great vacation in this heavenly place, and the border between summer and autumn promises a good balance between weather, number of tourists and price.

🏖 Residents of the east coast of the United States are much more comfortable going on vacation to the shores and islands of the Caribbean, the Riviera Maya, Mexico or the Dominican Republic. These are great places to not part with the summer longer (if you have a few extra days off).

Go surfing in San Diego, California. The beaches of San Diego are a good destination for a Labor Day weekend. Also visit the San Diego Zoo, one of the finest and largest in the world, and the San Diego Museum of Natural History.

Boston, Massachusetts. Recall US history in Boston. It can be interesting to walk around the city on foot (weather permitting). Walking along the Freedom Trail will remind you of the city's key role during the American Revolution. Only 200 miles from New York to Boston.

Feel the power of nature with Niagara Falls. There is nothing more perfect than the creations of nature. Niagara Falls makes a powerful impression on everyone, on children and adults.

Soak up the tranquility of nature in Lake Tahoe, California. There is nothing more perfect than the creations of nature. Experience peace on Tahoe Island. Lake Tahoe is one of the largest alpine lakes in the world. We recommend kayaking or SUP if the water is too cold for swimming.

In online travel guides you will find a lot of articles with titles like "Top 10 Labor Day Weekend Destinations", Top 20 Labor Day Weekend Travel Destinations" and the like. They will give you great travel ideas, but these tips have one flaw.

Only you know where you would like to go and what to do! Only you know what you like and what you don't like. Only you know which places are available from your place of residence.

Don't you know either? It happens and it's not unusual. See our map of US tourist destinations. Perhaps it will be useful to you.

We wish you a pleasant Labor Day.


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