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Hotel Helvetia in St. Petersburg

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Hotel Helvetia in St. Petersburg is popular with wealthy tourists. The hotel is conveniently located in the city center, close to Nevsky Prospekt. Judging by the reviews of the guests, the hotel provides a good level of service. (Tourists are generally satisfied after staying at a hotel.)

The hotel is especially convenient for those who come to St. Petersburg by rail to the Moscow railway station, for example from Moscow. Moskovsky railway station is within walking distance from the hotel.

The hotel has 75 rooms of various sizes and comfort levels, but mostly the rooms are designed for wealthy tourists. The hotel (of course) has a restaurant and a small (but cozy) patio. In fact, there are quite a few restaurants in this area (on Nevsky Prospekt).

The house that houses this hotel was built in 1828, but the building acquired its modern appearance after reconstruction in the 1850s. The hotel in this building was opened in 2003.

Please note that as the hotel is housed in a historical building, the possibilities for redevelopment (during the construction of the hotel) were limited and some rooms may not seem spacious enough to you.

Distance from Nevsky Prospekt - 230 m, from Moskovsky railway station - 800 m, from Palace Square - 2.5 km. The nearest metro station "Mayakovskaya" is located on Nevsky Prospekt, at a distance of 230 meters from the hotel.

Address: Helvetia Hotel, St. Petersburg, Marata street, 11.
You can specify the location of the Helvetia Hotel on the map of St. Petersburg.

Hotel Helvetia is a good choice for tourists who value comfort. Book online.


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