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Why you should not buy the cheapest flights, book the cheapest hotels and choose the cheapest tours

Submitted by Visit Plus on Sat, 10/29/2022 - 22:35

We all love to travel! (It's still a travel website.) And most of us want to save money, to make our travels a little cheaper. You will find many recommendations on the Internet on topics: how to buy a cheap flight, how to save money on accommodation. We recommend that you be careful and prudent in an effort to save money when buying cheap tours, flights, hotels, and here's why!

I traveled quite a lot and in fact I rarely chose the cheapest hotel available. The cheapest flights may not be the best choice. Buying package tours at the cheapest price can also have some risk.

Be careful when looking for cheap flights

The cost of flights on the same route can vary widely and depends on many circumstances: from the airline, from the date, from the day of the week, from the time of day. Unfortunately, it often happens that exactly on the date we need and at the time of departure that is convenient for us, prices are higher than average.

Times of Day. Most often, it is more convenient for us to travel during the day. During the day, the airport can usually be reached by public transport. (At night you will usually have to order a taxi.) There is no need to give up a night's sleep. But it is precisely such convenient flights that usually cost more than night flights.

Carrying luggage also costs money. Baggage transportation is usually not included in the cost of the cheapest flights. If you have a suitcase with you, we recommend comparing the cost: a cheap flight + payment for luggage or a more expensive flight with luggage.

Check your arrival airport. Some cities have multiple airports nearby. The cheapest, low-cost airlines usually use the most remote and inconvenient airport. You will most likely spend more time and money on the road from the airport. Does it suit you?

Comfort costs money. Passenger seats on low-cost airlines can be tighter than seats on other airlines. This may be important if the flight will last several hours.

flights Look for convenient flights here.

Be careful when choosing the cheapest hotel

We all know that hotels can be cheap, mid-priced, expensive, and outrageously expensive. The cheapest hotels can have significant inconveniences.

The location of the hotel is very important. Be sure to carefully consider the choice of a hotel with a convenient location. Find out how far the hotel you have chosen is from the location you need. It is very convenient when you can walk to the place you need. (No need to waste time and money on transportation.)

Type of food: breakfast, half board, all inclusive. Breakfast at the hotel is very convenient. Sometimes breakfast in a nearby cafe is cheaper than in your hotel, and maybe vice versa. An All Inclusive holiday hotel tour usually costs less than if you eat at a nearby restaurant. But eating every time in a new place is more interesting. Also, if you do not plan to spend all the time near your hotel, then you probably do not need "All Inclusive".

The number of stars of the hotel. You probably have an idea of ​​what level of comfort hotels you prefer. It must be borne in mind that there is no single world classification of hotels and hotels, for example, 4 stars in different countries can provide a different level of comfort. Do you really need 4* hotel? Maybe 3* is enough?

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Package tours

Package tours are very convenient. Professionals will help you buy a flight, hotel, transfer and choose activities. Package tours are usually cheaper than services purchased separately (flight, transfer, accommodation).

A few years ago I was attracted by a very cheap package tour to China. The tour was sold by a fairly well-known tour operator at a very attractive price. We bought this tour. Suddenly, a message came that the trip to China was cancelled! We were offered a tour to Vietnam. The trip took place and was very interesting. Vacation was a success.
But it turned out that the tour operator went bankrupt. Many other tourists never received their tours and struggled to get at least some of their money for a long time.

Be careful when you see unrealistically cheap tours and too active advertising. It is better to buy from reliable tour operators, even if it costs a little more.

We do not intend to dissuade you from trying to find cheap flights, hotels, tours. We just warn you that when buying a service, you should consider all the nuances.

The most common recommendation: read the reviews of tourists about the resort, travel agency or airline. But you should not rely entirely on customer reviews. We often forcefully leave negative feedback if we are dissatisfied with something, and remain silent if everything was fine. Don't be discouraged by a negative review.

Travel more often, travel safely, travel with pleasure. And don't deny yourself the pleasure of saving money.


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