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Travel trends 2023

Submitted by Visit Plus on Wed, 01/04/2023 - 17:14

What will travel be like in 2023? What awaits travel lovers and how best to plan a vacation? We asked for the opinion of experts and share forecasts and recommendations with you.

Keep in mind that different people have different preferences. But travel can be different too. Check if the recommendations of professionals and experienced travelers are right for you. Perhaps we can help you find the right travel destination.

For new impressions and emotions

Two years of the pandemic severely limited us in getting bright emotions. Many of us did not travel far from home, spent holidays no further than in the neighboring region (or even at home). Many of us have a desire to break away from the TV and go to new places for new emotions.

More travelers are likely to choose new routes and destinations. Moreover, the choice is really wide.
Residents of the Nordic countries will certainly go on a beach vacation in the summer. But you should not limit your vacation to lying on the beach.
Short vacation trips are becoming more and more popular: local nature trails, local cuisine, small towns and places not listed in guidebooks.

Residents of the southern countries can go to the northern regions. The nature of Finland, Sweden, Canada can give them new impressions.

Perhaps you would prefer hiking in the mountains or traveling by water?

Travelers are increasingly appreciating local culture, local life and local cuisine. We recommend new experiences from ordinary things on vacation.

Do what you have long wanted to, but have not done before!

Small hotels have a special charm

Gigantic hotels and large crowds of tourists caused some sense of danger during the pandemic. It was then that we liked to stay in small, family hotels.

Each of these hotels has its own character and is able to create a special mood, even if it does not have the same level of comfort and well-trained staff as large hotels.

Try staying in a small boutique hotel this year. Perhaps you will like it. You will find this on any hotel booking website and you can get recommendations from social networks.

A simple, convenient, effective tool for choosing travel destination.

Together and alone

Last year, two trends were noticed that (at first glance) seem to be different and exist in parallel.

We began to appreciate our loved ones a little more and travel together, with families, with children. Joint travel, joint activities, joint vacations make us closer, strengthen family ties. We want to combine time with the family, not forgetting the hobbies of each individual.

But the number of single travelers has increased slightly too. Those who have not yet found a companion are ready to go on a trip alone. (We recommend choosing safe countries and routes.)

There is no doubt that this trend will continue this year.

Replace a long flight with a chain of short journeys

This is not yet a very noticeable trend in travel, but it can give us new emotions and impressions.
It's very simple, get on a plane and travel thousands of kilometers to the place you need. Have you ever wondered how many interesting places you left under the wing of an airplane during a flight?

Think about it. Maybe you can replace the flight with a chain of short trips by train (bus, boat)? You can schedule stops for one or two days in cities along the route. Slow travel gives us very special experiences. Plus, it's a more environmentally friendly way to travel.
Local boutique hotels also usually do not look like one another. We cannot know what awaits us at the next hotel.

(Riding a railroad can reduce our carbon footprint several times over than flying the same distance.)

World travel destinations map.

All Inclusive becomes more diverse

Of course, I like the all-inclusive vacation, but I always found it a little boring and we often left the hotel for the whole day, in search of new places.

The term "All inclusive" has long been a secret derision from many lovers of truly luxurious travel. Those who have traveled a lot often find it boring when they do not have to leave the resort, when breakfast, lunch, dinner are held in the same restaurants.

But some resorts are seeing this trend and looking to cater to guest needs.
It's rare yet, but in some all-inclusive resorts it's possible to book local restaurants, unique tours, activities for free. But so far it is quite rare and quite expensive.
But you can diversify your holiday program yourself! Rent a car and go until the evening wherever you want.

Leisure or work

This has always been the case, business travelers going on business trips add a few days at the end for leisure.
Opportunities for remote work have expanded significantly with the development of new information technologies. In addition, the pandemic has taught some of us to work remotely.

A new trend - travelers are planning vacation trips to interesting places with a comfortable climate, distributing time for leisure / business in the proportion that suits them. (It is also important to choose a country that accommodation and local food are cheaper than at home.)

These hybrid trips usually last longer than regular trips. (Some countries are already preparing additional programs to attract such sustainable travelers.)

Local tourism will continue

In fact, many of us enjoyed traveling around our region (during the pandemic years). Many of us like to spend holidays close to home, without too much fuss and long-distance travel.

Many of us are not going to give up what we liked. Somewhere not too far from your home there are many beautiful natural places. In addition, such a vacation is often cheaper than a long trip.

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Plan ahead

During the pandemic, it was not possible to plan trips more than a few weeks or days in advance. It's time to stop this practice.

The number of people wishing to travel has already returned to pre-pandemic levels. There will be even more travelers this year. The number of hotels and planes has not increased. Already now the best places in the best hotels can be fully booked for the summer season and autumn. This is especially true for the days of popular events (festivals, competitions). This task will become especially urgent if China reopens to international tourism.
Book in advance.


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