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What will travel be like and how to plan a vacation trip this year? Two strategies for vacationers.

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Many of us have a passion for travel. Many of us consider travel to be the best way to spend our holidays. Perhaps you are already making plans for the summer and autumn? Let's try together to find the right strategy for planning a vacation.

Travel is experiencing an undeniable renaissance. Nearly half of Americans would like to take at least a short trip this year, and about a third plan to travel abroad.

What can travelers expect this year? What should you do, book your holiday trip now, or wait a bit? There are different predictions on this subject.

Main stream: This summer will be sold out. Airlines are seeing record interest in summer travel. Many hotels have also seen an increase in traveler activity.

But some experts are more skeptical of these forecasts.

Instability in the economy is taking its toll on summer travel plans.
Airlines and hotels are tightening up their booking policies, offering non-refundable fares, requiring you to pay upfront, with no cancellations and no refunds.

You probably follow the travel news and know about the problems that passengers of some airlines faced. The hotel business has had problems with customer service as well. (Many tourists experienced some kind of inconvenience while traveling this year.)

All this can lead to the fact that there will not be as many tourists as expected. Many people do not make advance plans for the summer, do not rush to buy tours, air tickets, book hotels in advance. Quite a lot of people will make a decision at the last minute: where to spend their vacation, whether to go on a trip or not.

So what will this summer be like? What to expect for those who want to go on a trip? In reality, no one can know. Your future depends more on your desires and actions, and not on the opinions of some experts. Build your life (your travels) yourself.

Optimistic forecasts may turn out to be correct, the demand for tourism services may be high with high prices.
But it may happen that by the middle of summer not all flights and hotels will be bought out, the hype will subside and you will be able to go on a relaxing vacation trip at a reasonable price. In addition, it may happen that the rush demand will affect only the most popular travel destinations.

How do we see a possible algorithm of behavior for those who are looking for a quiet, and not too expensive travel?

If you are determined to visit a particular place and on dates you already know, then look for early sales. Book in advance as soon as you get an offer that suits you.

If you can have a flexible schedule for your vacation, and if you can be flexible in your choice of destination, then maybe you shouldn't be in a hurry? We assume the opportunity to go on a trip will be. (In previous years, ticket sales often happened in the middle of summer, when bookings are down.)

Let's hope our economic condition doesn't worsen. The most popular destinations are likely to be filled with tourists. (You know it: Orlando, Las Vegas and New York, etc.). Look closely at the map. There are many interesting places in the USA (and neighboring countries). Discover new routes.

Las Vegas

If you would like to visit Europe, don't limit yourself to the well known cities of Paris, London and Rome. Discover new destinations in Europe. It could be Greece, Spain, Finland, Sweden, and many small but charming European cities. Or head to Europe in early autumn, when the heat subsides and the crowds of tourists disperse.

In the photo: somewhere in Europe.

Is it possible to believe the forecasts and whether to follow the recommendations of experts. Yes, sure. But one must keep in mind that in our unstable time, no one can know exactly what will happen. But that's no reason not to travel. (Pus even at least short and short-range.)

What strategy to choose for this year of vacation?

What strategy to choose, wishing to make a trip during the summer (autumn) vacation this year? We see three options, but you can come up with your own.

  • Early booking. If you are determined to spend your holiday in a specific location and have inflexible dates for your holiday, then buy early as soon as you get a suitable offer.
  • Wait for the price to drop. If you can adjust the dates of your vacation, if you are free to choose dates, then you can try to wait for a price reduction. But there is a possibility that the best resorts, air tickets, tours will be busy, and prices will not drop.
  • Choose another direction. There are a lot of interesting places in the world where you have not been yet and where you can get great pleasure from traveling. Try to be flexible in your travel direction.

The fourth possible course of action does not suit us - to refuse to travel this year.

We wish you pleasant travels.

Do you like to travel? I have always enjoyed my travels. I have visited many countries and cities, and all my travels have brought me a lot of positive emotions. You love travel too! Then the joy of travel is already within you. We, travel lovers, can enjoy the cityscapes of Paris, and the quiet charm of Finland, and the Old Town in Tallinn, and the modernism of Berlin, and the hot sun on the beach in Hawaii, and the quiet rustle of rain outside the window. Let's be optimistic!


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