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Almost 3,000 foreigners received Russian e-visa in August 2023. Who are they?

Submitted by Visit Plus on Fri, 09/15/2023 - 12:19

27,700 foreigners have already received an Russian e-visa for August 2023. (Foreigners can get a visa to visit Russia remotely, online, from August 1, 2023.)

It is reported that the most electronic Russian visas (more than half of the total) were issued to Chinese tourists. (15,100 e-visas were issued to tourists from China in August 2023).

Citizens of Estonia are in second place in the number of visas received via the Internet. (2700 electronic visas to Russia.)

1,600 e-visas have been issued to Indian citizens.

Citizens of Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other countries also applied for visas.

It is reported that there are often cases when those wishing to obtain a Russian visa are refused.

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Some mistakes you may make when applying for a Russian visa.

It is reported that the most common reasons for visa refusal are errors when filling out the application form. The task of filling out the questionnaire is complicated by the fact that there are quite a lot of questions that need to be answered. This can be difficult to do, especially for people with poor English (or Russian) language skills.

The simplest spelling errors can lead to visa denial. Carefully check that all words and letters in the application form match the data in your passport.

Not all alphabets are created equal (and neither are keyboards). Visas may be rejected due to diacritics such as ä, ö, ü, ê, ç, etc. For example, if your name includes the letter Ö, you should not write it as a regular letter O on your application form electronic visa. (Also, do not confuse the letter "O" with the number "0".

If you are unsure, ask someone to check that you have filled out everything correctly. Two pairs of eyes work better than one

Attach high-quality, easy-to-read scans of documents to your application. (Check that the information in the documents exactly matches what you provided in the application.)

The insurance policy must be valid in Russia. (Check that the insurance policy has all the required signatures, yours first.)

It may also happen that a traveler will be refused entry at the border (due to errors), even if a visa has been obtained.

The cost of an electronic Russian visa is about 52 US dollars (2023).

Representatives of the tourism business in Russia hope that in the future the visa application form will be simplified, it will be possible to fill out the form additionally in other languages (Chinese, Hindi, Arabic), and the cost of the visa will decrease.


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