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Winter events, competitions, festivals in Finland

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Perhaps winter is an even better time to travel to Finland than summer. Summer is familiar to you. Do you know a real northern winter? Winter with snow, frost, winter sports and entertainment?

Finns loves winter very much. You can have fun in Finland in winter. Here is information about some winter events.

November 10-12, 2023.
Women's Slalom World Championships.
The world's best female skiers will once again gather in Lapland in November.
As a guest of the World Cup, you can watch the competitions and attend additional events, along with other tourists and ski enthusiasts.
Levi ski resort is one of the most popular in Lapland (northern Finland).

December 1-22, 2024.
Christmas market in Helsinki. 🎄
Tuomaan Markkinat Christmas Market is Helsinki's oldest and most beautiful outdoor Christmas market. Come get in the Christmas spirit and try delicious Finnish food. The fair has a beautiful carousel.

December 8-21, 2023.
Christmas market in Kuopio.
Many residents of Finland believe that the most beautiful Christmas market in Finland is located in the city of Kuopio - Kuopion Joulutori. The city of Kuopio is located in central Finland, approximately 380 kilometers north of Helsinki.

December 23, 2024. 19:30.
The beginning of Santa Claus's journey. 🎅
Santa Claus goes on his long journey to the children of the world, accompanied by elves and Christmas music. Come see Santa off on his way or wait for him at home.
Location: Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, Arctic Circle, Lapland, Finland.

January 22-27, 2024.
Arctic Art Festival.
Arctic Art Festival is an art festival organized by Arctic SnowHotel and the ice carving team Art Gran.
The Arctic Art Festival includes various events related to snow and ice: a snow sculpture competition, ice sculptures, an ice disco and fire shows.
You can stay overnight at the Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos. The distance from Rovaniemi is approximately 25 km.

10th of January - 3rd of February, 2025.
"Polar Night" festival.
Organizers claim that this is the northernmost festival of light in the World. The festival will lift your spirits with light installations and artwork. Such a festival is very necessary during the Polar Night in northern Finland, when there is not enough daylight.
The Ruka ski resort is located in the northern part of Finland.

January ---, 2025.
Rukan Pipolätkä.
This is the largest hockey tournament in Europe! There will be 256 teams registered in the 2024 tournament. But this event is not for winning, but for fun and pleasure.
The Rukan Pipolätkä pond hockey tournament is the largest and craziest hockey tournament in Europe. It was invented to help you spend this winter weekend with pleasure.
Venue: Ruka Village, Kaltiolampi and Ski Stadium.

January 19, 2025.
Levi FIS World Snow Day.
FIS World Snow Day is an international event created to introduce as many children and young people as possible to winter sports, activities and entertainment. There will be plenty of entertainment for the whole family.

30 January - 2 February 2025.
Festival for students Tahkofest. 🐧
The winter festival Tahkofest takes place in January at the Tahko ski resort (in Lapland) and is aimed at young people and students. Students from all over Finland can practice their favorite winter sports together, communicate, and spend time with benefit and pleasure.
On Saturday, January 27, 2024, the Finnish Student Mountain Sports Championships will take place in Tahko. Students from other countries are also welcome.

January 26-27, 2024.
Himos Winter Trail.
Winter race through a snowy forest. Running in winter is completely different from running in summer. Several running distances, from six kilometers to 37 kilometers.
Venue: Himos ski resort.

February --, 2025.
Arctic Lapland Rally. 🚗
The winter car race, a rally on the snowy and icy roads of Lapland, will take place in the Rovaniemi region. This may be interesting to see for car racing fans.

February 2–4, 2024.
Winter swimming competitions. (Talviuinnin SM-kilpailut.)
Dress warmly! Watching others swim in icy water is chilling. There are several distances for women and men, divided by age groups. Perhaps you too will decide to swim in the ice hole?
Venue: Spa Hotel Peurunka.

7–10 March 2024.
Mimmi Free'kend.
Mimmi Free'kend is a nice event for lovers of free skiing outside the prepared slopes. You learn something new and go skiing/snowboarding in good company outside the marked slopes.
The program of the event is designed taking skiers of different levels into account. You can find your own program for beginners.
Place: Pyhä ski resort.

March 9, 2024.
Swimming Suit Skiing. 👙
In Finland, people are already looking forward to summer in March. We want to put on a swimsuit and go to the beach. This is probably where the idea came from - cross-country skiing in swimsuits. The idea is to alternate between skiing and sauna. Everyone can ride as much as they want. The event is open to people of all ages and fitness levels. Most importantly, don't forget to bring a good mood with you.
Location: Himos, Jämsä.

March 15-16, 2024.
Himos Winterfest 2024.
Finland's largest winter festival will take place in the Himos ski resort. If you love skiing, then this will be an unforgettable weekend for you: sports, music, communication, fun.
Venue: Himos ski resort.

21.–24. March 2024.
The Original Free´kend.
This event is for those ski lovers who want to ski outside the designated slopes. Three competitions: Huttu-Ukko Challenge, Poker Rando, Aittakuru.
You need to go skiing and snowboarding and learn something new from experienced skiers.
Place: Pyhä ski resort.

April 6, 2024.
Ylläs-Levi cross-country skiing. (Ylläs-Levi hiihto.)
The grand ski race will take place in Lapland, in the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. The event is intended only for the most resilient athletes, because the distance is very long: 70 kilometers and 55 kilometers. The trails pass through beautiful landscapes in the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.

April 20, 2024.
ExtremeRun Tahko.
ExtremeRun Tahko is a fun event, a sports carnival. The goal of ExtremeRun events is to get everyone moving and having fun. You decide whether you want to get a sporty result, whether you want to have fun, and how many laps to run.
The Tahko ski resort is located in central Finland. Kuopio Airport is the nearest airport.
Come! It will be fun.

You can have fun in Finland in winter. You can ski, ride reindeer sleds, and go ice fishing. You can find information about some winter activities in Finland here. Winter travel to Finland is something special.


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