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Don't Travel on Thanksgiving Weekend, and Here's Why

Submitted by Visit Plus on Thu, 11/16/2023 - 23:42

😳 🙂 😀 Many Americans are planning to travel on Thanksgiving Day. Long weekends really seem to provide such an opportunity, but are these really good days to travel?

We see many warnings that traffic congestion and airport congestion are possible these days. We know that flight prices and hotel prices are high too. Indeed, if you have the opportunity, reschedule your travels to other dates and spend Thanksgiving day at home, with your family.

Thanksgiving falls on November 23rd this year (2023). If you take an extra free day, you can go on a trip for four days, from November 22 to 26. 🦃

These days, November 21 - 22 and November 26 - 27, are predicted to be the busiest on both roads and airports.

On Tuesday, November 21, and Wednesday, November 22, before Thanksgiving, many Americans will hit the road, some by car, some by plane. (Those who plan to travel by plane will also get to the airport by road. Therefore, traffic jams on some roads are very likely.)

The situation will repeat after the holidays, on Sunday, November 26 (and, to some extent, on Monday, November 27), when all these people (we, lovers of irrational travel and ready to waste time in queues) will return home. Expect large crowds at the airport and traffic jams these days.

Is it really better to stay home for Thanksgiving and choose other days to travel? Many experienced travel lovers do this, saving money and traveling in comfort, avoiding crowds of fellow travelers. Eat the turkey with the family!

More than 50 million Americans are projected to travel on the late November long weekend in 2023. This can be either a short car trip or a long flight. In any case, these people will meet at airports, on roads, at stations, and will create some inconvenience for each other.

In any case, even if you are in a long line and may miss your flight, remain polite and friendly, and maintain a good mood. After all, this is exactly why you went on a trip? For pleasure and good mood!

It doesn't take an expert to predict that the most popular US domestic destinations are New York, Las Vegas, Orlando and Miami. The greatest difficulties are possible at the airports of these cities. (It would also be nice to fly to Hawaii or Mexico for a few days.)

Go to the airport in advance and allow more time for the journey. It's better to arrive early than late. Please note that TSA screening of passengers and baggage may take longer than usual on these days.

Be prepared to wait in case of delays. Bring a snack and water with you.

But, as it seems to us, the most reasonable recommendation is to find an opportunity to travel not on major holidays, but at other days. Avoid traveling during school holidays. Choose a time when there are fewer tourists, at airports, on the roads, in hotels. We checked it ourselves! This tip really works, it allows you to save money and enjoy your trip more.

Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂


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