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Pattaya would like to change the city's image to attract more family tourists

Submitted by Visit Plus on Tue, 11/28/2023 - 23:01

Representatives of Pattaya's tourism business would like to change the city's image. Many tourists in many European countries have long had the (wrong) opinion that the main attractions of Pattaya are the nightclubs, bars and Walking Street. Indeed, quite a lot of foreign tourists used to come to Pattaya to visit beer bars and get some services and entertainment, which we will not mention here. Someone might have the opinion that Pattaya is a city of night bars, nightlife, where men should come alone, without wives and children.

Of course, this is a misconception about Pattaya. Pattaya is a very interesting city where you can have a wonderful holiday. But this image still repels some family tourists. Family tourists and just tourists who are less interested in nightclubs go to other places, for example, to Phuket.

Pattaya really attracted lovers of nightlife in past. It is reported that in the past, approximately 70% of British, German and other European tourists were heading to Pattaya to visit beer bars and have a certain type of entertainment.

But a lot has changed, the city has changed and the tourists have changed. There are significantly fewer such tourists. Something needs to be done to meet the changing behavior of foreign tourists. If Pattaya does not change its image, then tourism revenues in Pattaya may decline.

The new generation of tourists has different preferences. They are more attracted to a healthy lifestyle, culture, art, and they want to travel with families too. In recent years, tourists from many countries often come in pairs, groups, and large families with children. In fact, Pattaya has always had what such tourists need. It's just that some foreigners' perceptions of the city were somewhat misleading.

This doesn't mean bars and nightclubs should be closed. It is necessary that those who want to spend the evening in a bar have this opportunity. But perhaps the nightlife area should be isolated somehow so that the noise does not disturb ordinary tourists. Or maybe the nightclubs should be moved to some other location?

Pattaya is already a great place for a family winter holiday, you just don't need to go to Walking Street late at night.

Pattaya is a very interesting city that has a lot to offer tourists. This is a great destination for a beach holiday in winter. Pattaya and the surrounding area have many attractions, a warm climate, and many large hotels have water parks and spa centers. In addition, Pattaya often hosts various events that can make your vacation even more filled with positive emotions.


Pattaya is one of the most popular tourist cities in Thailand. A few years ago we spent a wonderful holiday in Pattaya. We were not at all bothered by the then widespread image of Pattaya as a city of nightlife. We didn’t notice anything like that then, because it didn’t interest us. A winter holiday in Thailand can be truly unforgettable. We will gladly come back again if we have the opportunity.


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