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About Us

VISIT-PLUS is a small community of travel lovers united by family and friendly ties.

My name is Sergey Nikitin and I made my first trip in 1986. It was a short trip related to my studies. Later there were many short and long trips. At first these were business trips, and then trips for tourism purposes.

I created my first website in 2006. On the site I shared my travel experiences. These were mainly trips to Finland, Sweden, Russia and Estonia. Then the geography of travel expanded. Unfortunately, in the first years we did not publish reports and did not share our experience and information available to us.

The website was created in 2011. Can we consider the year the website was created as the year our community was created? Probably not. Our community was formed a little earlier.

Members of our small family, who also travel a lot, are involved in creating the content. We have visited quite a lot of countries in recent years. For example: Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Latvia, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Republic of Cyprus, Vietnam, China, Thailand, USA, Russia. Perhaps I forgot something?

Not only our own travel information is available on websites. We also published information collected during travel planning, information received from event organizers, and mapping services.

Visitors to our website also shared with us and you their travel experiences and information about the places in which they live. We thank P. Virtanen (Finland), J. Williams (USA), W. Silva (Italy) and others for their help and information provided.

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Our websites also contain advertising. Our websites also contain links to partner services useful for tourists (affiliate links).
These services help us offset the costs of maintaining our websites. We would like to make more money from this, but we can’t. We probably don't have commercial talent. Our websites may even cease to exist or be sold to a more fortunate group of travelers. Thank you for helping us keep the websites alive.

Our main website is registered in St. Petersburg, Russia, although members of our community now live in different cities and countries.



On our site there are advertising and partner links. This means that we can sometimes get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our partners. We do not register new users and do not store personal information. Some of the services interacting with the site use cookies to improve service.

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