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How to relieve tension between tourists and locals - the ancient recommendation is effective

Submitted by Visit Plus on Sun, 05/26/2024 - 20:11

We often hear that tourism needs to be developed. But still, there is some kind of contradiction between the interests of tourists and the interests of local residents. Remember, this was on the news channels:
A demonstration of thousands under the motto “Mallorca is not for sale” took place in the Spanish city of Palma de Mallorca.
Locals protested against too many tourists in Barcelona.
Residents of Venice demanded to limit tourism.
Even in the small Russian village of Kindasovo they spoke out against tourists (and there are very few tourists there when compared with Venice).

Why are the locals unhappy? There are three main problems.
1. Only a few earn income from tourists, and often these are not local residents.
2. Tourists disturb the peace, comfort, and established way of life of local residents. They litter and behave obscenely, according to locals.
3. Wealthy tourists who arrive push prices up.

How to relieve tension? This is probably impossible, but it is possible to reduce the intensity of passions.

The city of Rome was the tourist capital of the world approximately two thousand years ago. People from all over the world came to Rome. Some as a warrior, some as a merchant, and some as a slave. How did they get along?

The ancient recommendation is known to this day: “Sī fuerīs Rōmae, Rōmānō vīvitō mōre; sī fuerīs alibī, vīvitō sīcut ibī”, which means “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

A good recommendation for the 21st century too. This proverb means that it is best to follow the traditions and customs of the place you are visiting.

To follow local traditions, it is good to know them, at least in general terms.

Just for example.

Do not be offended if in Moscow your polite question is answered not very politely. This is most likely not a Muscovite, but also a visitor (migrant). But living in Moscow is difficult for migrants.

When you arrive in St. Petersburg, do not bully local residents, do not insult them and do not shoot at them. It's not accepted there. Aggressiveness is not suitable for St. Petersburg. Don't play loud music in the car.

Pick up trash after yourself after a picnic in nature or on the beach.

When in a Muslim region, city, district, dress and behave in accordance with local traditions. (Check before travel.)

When at a beach resort, do not leave the beach wearing only a swimsuit.

Don't make noise, talk loudly, talk on the phone, or take pictures in church.

After drinking alcohol, stay in the hotel and be quiet in the hotel as well.

Learn at least four words in the local language: hello, sorry, thank you and goodbye.

Of course, these recommendations will not help stop anti-tourism protests, but it may be a first step.

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