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Hotels in Stockholm set record

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Stockholm is one the most attractive for tourist city in northern Europe. It is a city with rich history and interesting cultural life. At same time Stockholm is an important business center. The capital of Sweden has attracted millions of tourists, politicians and business travelers every year. The tourism industry is very important to the economy of Stockholm. In 2010, revenues of Stockholm region from tourist industry exceeded 22 billion Swedish krona. The industry provides jobs for more than 18 thousand people living in the region. Number of coming to Stockholm tourists continue to grow. This means that people working in the hotel and restaurant business, as well as in trading will not remain without work.

Year 2010 was a record for the hotel business of Stockholm. According to statistics, the number of overnight stays in hotels in Stockholm in 2010 exceeded 10 million. Amount spent in hotels in Stockholm nights increased by 41 percent since 2000. This confirms that Stockholm is one of the most popular tourist cities in Scandinavia.

Some statistics 2010.

The total amount person-nights spent in Stockholm hotels - 10 022 124.

Number by countries from which clients come to hotels.

  • Residents of Sweden - 6699489.
  • Germany - 450 000.
  • United Kingdom - 304 600.
  • USA - 246 thousand.
  • Norway - 228.6 thousand.
  • Finland - 188 thousand.
  • Italy - 187 thousand.
  • Russia - 109, 4 thousand.

The cheapest accommodation option for tourists is camping. Total number of nights spent by tourists in campsites in Stockholm in 2010 was 684 693. Of this number spent in camping nights 516 thousand are by inhabitants of Sweden. On second place are the citizens of the Netherlands (23,000 overnight stays), the third is Germany (58 700 nights), the fourth resident of Norway (17,700 overnight stays). Also like to save by living in campgrounds are British, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Poland and Finland citizens.

How tourists get to Stockholm?

Statistics knows the answer to this question. Tourists use all types of transport: planes, ferries, buses and private cars. According to statistics, the number of passengers at airports in Stockholm has increased by 5 percent to 21.7 million during 2010. The number of passengers who arrived in Stockholm through sea ports has increased in 2010 to 11.8 million. Since 2000, the number of
ferries passengers increased by 21 percent, mainly due to increased traffic from the Baltic countries.

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