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Some processes are taking place in the tourism industry. Changes will happen.

Submitted by Visit Plus on Tue, 06/04/2024 - 17:24

Some processes are happening in tourism. It is not yet clear what they will lead to, but there will be some changes.

There are more and more tourists in the world. It is predicted that this year tourism records may be broken, in terms of the number of tourists in some cities and countries, in the number of airline passengers, and in the number of sea cruises.

Some cities are already trying to reduce the number of tourists, make travel more expensive, and introduce tourist and “environmental” taxes.

But some cities are still striving to attract more tourists. How? For what?

It is believed that event tourism is a good way to attract tourists outside the peak tourist season. Festivals and world championships attract the attention of tourists. But big events also have their downsides.

Have you been to Venice during the Venice Carnival? It was impossible to just walk around Piazza San Marco when I was there. There are so many tourists there that a quiet walk is out of the question. But I would like to just enjoy the views of Venice.

Were you in Moscow during the military band festival? You would probably want to visit Red Square, but it may be closed on such days. If you do go to the square (in the interval between performances), then you will not be able to see the Red Square or the Moscow Kremlin. This is because temporary spectator stands have been built in the square, blocking the view.

Are you planning to visit Paris during the Olympic Games? It seems to me that it would be better to choose other days for the trip to Paris. It is unlikely that you will be comfortable.

It seems to me that big events make both the stay of travelers and the lives of some local residents uncomfortable.

The desire to attract more tourists may seem to conflict with the desire to reduce the number of tourists. But it is not so. Tourists are needed so that local residents can make money from them. Therefore, the solution lies in methods that will allow you to get more money from fewer tourists. To do this, we probably need to create comfortable conditions for very rich tourists and make the life of budget tourists less comfortable. Force low-budget tourists to stay home.

We also need events that are not massive, but sophisticated: art exhibitions, jewelry exhibitions, theatrical performances with the participation of opera stars.

You can make entrance fees to popular tourist cities. But unexpected consequences are possible. For example, if you make an entrance (for example) to Venice, will neighboring regions make it a paid exit from Venice (for residents of Venice)? Should tourism be developed or should tourism be slowed down?

Since I belong to the category of poor people, I will be forced to either travel short distances or look for ways to save money.


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