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Do you believe that the stars influence us? Yes! No? What about the Summer Solstice?

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Do you believe that the Stars influence our behavior and control us? No? Then listen.

Every year, at the end of June, around the 20th, an ordinary event occurs, imperceptible to us - the summer solstice. This is when the day stops lengthening. At this moment, the day is the longest and the night is the shortest in the year (in the northern hemisphere of the Earth). From this day on, the day will begin to shorten and the night will lengthen.

A common astronomical phenomenon, but how does it affect people?

Since ancient times, the Slavic people celebrated the holiday on this day - Ivan Kupala. At night, girls and boys lit a fire near the water, on the shores of a lake, river, or sea. They sang songs, looked for “fern flowers,” wove wreaths, looked for the “betrothed” (destined for us by fate), and swam naked! Someone even saw mermaids and played with them! (Well, nothing surprising.)

And you still claim that it is not the stars that influence them so much?

Well, okay, this is in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine. But it’s the same in other countries!!!
In Brazil - Festa Junina, in Denmark - sankthans, in Bulgaria - Enyovden, in Estonia - Jaanipäev, in France - Fête de la Saint-Jean, in Germany - Sommersonnenwende, in Italy - San Giovanni's, in Spain - San Juan.

Still don't believe in the power of the Stars? Into the power of the Sun.

Still don't believe me? Here's an example as proof.

Quiet, calm, law-abiding country Finland. Only 5 million population. On the day of the summer solstice, Finns celebrate one of their most beloved holidays - Juhannus.

And how they celebrate! In many enterprises, Thursday is a short day. On Friday, lines of cars head somewhere, causing traffic jams on quiet Finnish roads. Some Finns seem to lose control of themselves!

Here are just some excerpts from the news reports after Johannus 2024 (every year Finland sums up the sad results of this holiday):
- During Midsummer celebrations in 2024, nine people died in Finland. Five of them drowned, three died in a traffic accident and one died in a fire.
- In the Ostbornia region alone, police identified 26 drink-driving drivers, eight cases of abuse, 18 criminal arrests and 37 drink-driving arrests.
- In Vantaa, a 40-year-old woman shot a 34-year-old man.
- The 17-year-old was driving at 129 kilometers per hour, where the speed limit was 40.
- Three people were killed and one was seriously injured in a road accident in Leppävirta.
- A fight involving an ax and a machete took place in Savonlinna.
- A 15-year-old drunk boy stole a car.
- Several men had a naked party on the beach in Hamina (but this is not an offense for them).
- On Midsummer's Day, a child was born on a coast guard boat.

This is how the position of the Sun relative to the Earth affects respectable Finns! (Or is it alcohol?)

In 1978, 24 people drowned on the Juhannus in Finland. It was the worst Juhannus.


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