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Sochi embankment will become better

Submitted by Visit Plus on Sat, 06/29/2024 - 13:22

The city of Sochi is the most popular resort city in Russia. This is a very beautiful city. But the central embankment and the central beach of Sochi require updating. And it will happen soon.

Many experienced travelers will probably agree that the central embankment of Sochi is a rather ugly, uncomfortable place. Ugly breakwaters, or groyne, divide the coast into small pieces and spoil the seascape.

Coastal cities usually strive to make their waterfronts the most beautiful parts of the city. These are favorite places for walks among locals and tourists.

The central embankment of Sochi will also be transformed soon. The project is ready and construction work has begun. The old, ugly breakwaters will be removed. New breakwaters will be built in their place. They will be located away from the shore. The beach and walking area will also be expanded.

The first stage of reconstruction will affect the central section of the embankment. This is a section approximately 500 meters long, which stretches from the Marine Station to the southeast.

It is planned that the first stage of reconstruction will be completed by the summer of 2025.

Then the reconstruction will be carried out on a section of the coast about 1,500 meters long. This is a section of the embankment in the direction of the Winter Theater and Arboretum Park.

We are confident that the city of Sochi will live up to the title of the Vacation Capital of Russia.

Sochi is not only a beach holiday in winter. In winter, ski resorts operate in the mountainous areas.


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