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Georgia is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in the coming years, in our opinion

Submitted by Visit Plus on Sat, 07/06/2024 - 22:18

Tourism will never stop. Travel lovers will have the opportunity to travel as long as there are people, cities and countries that are happy to receive tourists.

We are all already accustomed to news like that somewhere local residents staged protests. They are protesting against too many tourists. But there are still countries that happily welcome tourists and strive to develop tourism. Let's travel to these friendly countries.

For example, on the shores of the Black Sea there is a country called Georgia. (Do not confuse it with the American state of Georgia.) It seems that the authorities of this country are still trying to attract tourists.

Here are the messages that have been flashing in news channels lately:
The student network UNiDAYS names the Georgian capital Tbilisi as the “most attractive destination” for students in 2024.
Negotiations are underway about direct flights from Georgia to the UK.
Journalists from Israel visited Georgia to promote the country's tourism potential.
The m&i forum was held in Tbilisi.
The tourism potential of Georgia was presented at an exhibition in Dubai.
The tourism potential of Georgia was presented at the tourism fair in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.
The Adjara Tourism Department (a region of Georgia) organizes press tours to promote the region's attractions.
ELLE Hungary magazine explores Georgian hospitality.
Korean Air will operate seasonal charter flights to Georgia.
A French car rental company will offer services at Kutaisi Airport.
Negotiations are underway to introduce a visa-free regime with China.

Such news makes travel lovers very happy. This means that tourism will never end. Let's visit Georgia!

Georgia is truly a very interesting country for travel lovers. (Do not confuse with the US state of Georgia.)

Georgia is located on the eastern coast of the Black Sea. Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Türkiye are Georgia's neighbors.

There are wonderful places for a beach holiday on the Black Sea coast of Georgia. The beach season in Georgia is quite short, from May to September, so don’t waste time and buy plane tickets.
Batumi is the most famous city on the Black Sea coast of Georgia.

Georgia is a mountainous country. You will probably agree that the combination of mountains and sea creates the most beautiful landscapes. The nature of Georgia is magnificent.

You will surely like Georgian cuisine. Probably in all cities of the former USSR there are restaurants serving Georgian cuisine and they are very popular. Georgia also produces very good wine.

In winter, several ski centers operate in the mountainous regions. But, in our opinion, summer is the best time to visit Georgia.

These attractive qualities of Georgia are enhanced by the friendliness and hospitality of the Georgian people.

The attractiveness of Georgia is also enhanced by the fact that residents of many countries (98 countries, 2024) do not need a visa to visit Georgia (EU member countries, the USA and many others). This makes us tourists very happy.

There are international airports in Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia), Batumi and Kutaisi.

In 2023, about 7 million foreign tourists visited Georgia. The largest number of tourists came from the Russian Federation (23.2%). Türkiye is in second place (21.4%), Armenia is in third place (3.5%). The most popular regions were Tbilisi and Adjara.

Georgia would like to attract more tourists from Europe. Probably the most desirable tourists in many countries are tourists from the USA, Canada and Australia.


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