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Finland hotels chains

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In Finland, there are hotels of the world's largest hotel chains. But there are Finland hotels and Finland chain of hotels.

Sokos Hotels

Sokos Hotels - the most well-known and extensive hotel network in Finland, which includes more than 50 hotels located in Finland, Tallinn and St. Petersburg. In Estonia managed by the company there is hotel Sokos Hotel Viru, Tallinn. In Russia there are three hotels in St. Petersburg: Sokos Hotel Olympia Garden, Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge and Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky. All hotels are located the city center or near the places of rest and have a good transport connections. Sokos Hotels chain continues to expand. Hotel chain "Sokos Hotels" belongs to a group of companies "S Group" (S-ryhmä).

Hotel chain "Omenahotelli"

Hotel Chain "Omenahotelli" (from the words omena - apple and hotelli - hotel) is a Finnish chain of inexpensive hotels. In a chain of hotels "Omenahotelli" There are hotels in the cities of Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Lahti, Vaasa, Seynyaeki, Jyväskylä, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Prices for hotel rooms vary depending on season and day of week. To obtain the most favorable price recommended book room advance . In hotels there is no network check-in counters. Instead, running a single remote system administration, serving customers 
 24 hours a day in case of problems. Book a hotel you will receive information from the room number and a code to enter the room. At installation and removal from numbers you do not need to go to the reception. The founder of the network is Rabbe Grönblom.

Rabbe Grönblom

Rabbi Grenblem (Rabbe Grönblom, born in 1950), a businessman from the city of Vaasa, Finland. In 1976 he founded his first company, "Pizzerias №!" (Pizzeria No 1). Now his first pizzeria turned into the largest in northern Europe, a network of pizzerias "Kotipizza". Rabbe Grönblom is the founder of transport company "RG Line", the hotel chain "Omenahotelli" and a network of pizzerias "Golden Rax Pizzabuffe". Most of the companies controlled by him "Grönblom International LTD".

Company "Restel"

The company "Restel Ltd" owns 47 hotels in 26 cities. Under the direction of the company are 26 hotels of the "Cumulus Hotels", 11 hotels of the "Rantasipi Hotels", 7 hotels online "Holiday Inn Hotels", Hotel "Crowne Plaza Helsinki", Finland's oldest hotel "Hotel Seurahuone Helsinki", hotel "Ikaalinen Spa ".

Hotel Chain "Cumulus hotels"

 Hotel Chain "Cumulus hotels" is currently (2011) of the 26 hotels, most of which are in Finland. Hotel "Cumulus" imeyuts in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Lappeenranta, Kotka, Imatra, Rovaniemi, and many others. Hotels are generally located in city center. Almost all hotels have online Cumulus conference facilities.

Hotel Chain "Rantasipi-hotellia"

Hotel Chain "Rantasipi-hotellia" consists of 11 hotels located mainly away from the noise, close to nature, on the banks of reservoirs. Hotels of the network, many consider the best leisure and negotiations and conferences. The network's "Rantasipi-hotellia" includes the most famous hotels in Finland. Such as "Imatran Valtionhotelli", "Aulanko" and "Pohjanhovi".


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