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flag of  Norway
Norway - a country situated in northern Europe, in Scandinavia. Norway has a unique, unforgettable nature. Nature of Norway has a strong impression on tourists.
Norway - the most northern state of Europe. Almost one third of the country is above the Arctic Circle. On the west Norway is washed Norwegian Sea. Coastline is about 2650 km. Coast of Norway, uneven, rocky. The whole coast is indented large number of deep bays - the fjords. Taking into account the fjords, bays and coastline length of islands of Norway comes to 56 thousand kilometers. Norway shares borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia.


Land area - 324 220 km.
Capital - the city of Oslo (529,000 inhabitants).
Population - 4 606 000 people (2005).
Currency - the Norwegian krone.

Information on the history

The Norwegian state began to take shape in the Viking times, 9-10 centuries. From here travelers and soldiers the Vikings made their raids. Later in Norway established a monarchy. In 1387 the dynasty of Norwegian kings was broken, and until 1814 Norway was influenced by Denmark and then Sweden. After a long struggle Norway declared its independence. October 26 Sweden recognized the independence of its northern neighbor. During the Second World War Norway was occupied by Nazi Germany. The king and government fled to England. After the war Norway for a long time rebuilding its economy. In 1968 off the coast of Norway were discovered large oil reserves. This has allowed Norway to become a country with a very high standard of living (one of the best in the world).


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