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16 EURO Hostel

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Hostel 16 Euro is conveniently located in the heart of Tallinn's budget hotel. The distance from the hostel to the city center and major attractions less than 500 meters. The hotel has 46 rooms. You can find accommodation in a double room or spend the night on a bed in a common six-room.

Each room has a clean bed linen, towels, shower and toilet. The rooms have comfortable double bed or two twin beds that can be easily moved if necessary. The hotel has a swimming pool and sauna. Guests have the hostel has a kitchen for general use. Here you can prepare food. The lobby has a television, the Internet works. Not far away are cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, casinos and shopping malls. The reception desk is open round the clock. The main railway station of the city is located 1 km from the hostel.

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Address: Roseni 9, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia.

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