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Tourist attractions of Saint Petersburg

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Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange  and Rostral Columns photo The most famous attractions of Saint Petersburg are well known over the world. This is the Palace Square with located on it Winter Palace, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Kazan Cathedral, the Cathedral “Savior on the Blood”, the Admiralty building, the monument to Peter the Great “The Bronze Horseman” and other sights. It can be said that the entire center of St. Petersburg is one large attraction. The historic center of St. Petersburg and located there monuments are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Peter the Great wanted to build on this place a city, which would be equal to best European capitals by its beauty and luxury. And he largely succeeded. You will find below a brief description of the most popular tourist places of Saint Petersburg. For more information about Sain Petersburg attractions and landmarks location, please visit the city map.

Palace Square

Winter Palace Palace Square is the main square of St. Petersburg. This place should be visited by all tourists in St. Petersburg. The most famous buildings on the square are the Winter Palace, the General Staff building, the Alexander Column. The main street of St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, begins from Palace Square. The nearest metro station is “Admiralteiskaya”.
Learn more about the "Palace Square".

  • The Winter Palace is located in the north-western part of the Palace Square. The modern building of the palace was built in the period from 1754 to 1762 by the Italian architect B. Rastrelli. Until 1904 it was used as the official winter residence of the Russian emperors. The most famous museum of St. Petersburg, the Hermitage, is currently located in the Winter Palace.
  • The General Staff building is located on the southeast side of the Palace Square. The building was constructed in the period from 1819 to 1829 years. The central part of the building consists of two buildings with a 580 meters long bow-shaped facade. The east wing of the building is used by “Hermitage” museum. The most famous part of the building is the “Arch of the General Staff building”. A sculptural composition with driven by six horses triumphal chariot is located above the arch. Horses constrain two soldiers dressed in Roman armor and armed with spears. In the chariot is the winged Goddess of Glory.
  • Alexander Column is located in the center of the square. The column was installed in 1834 in memory of the Russian victory in the war against Napoleon. The column was made from a single piece of red granite which was obtained from Virolahti (Finland). The total height of the construction is 47.5 meters. Height of monolithic part of the column is 25.6 meters. At the top of the column is set figure of an angel, holds in his left hand a cross.

Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress Peter and Paul Fortress is the historical center of Saint Petersburg. Peter the Great began building the fortress on Island located near the right (north) bank of the Neva River May 27, 1703 (in 1703 it was 16 May). This day is St. Petersburg a City Day. In the cathedral located in the fortress was buried the founder of the city. The fortress is part of the “St. Petersburg History Museum” today. A gun shot at noon from fortress Naryshkin bastion every day. Many events for residents and tourists are often held near the fortress. There are the zoo and museum of artillery located near the fortress.

St. Isaac's Cathedral

St. Isaac's Cathedral St. Isaac's Cathedral is the largest Orthodox Church in St. Petersburg. It is one of the symbols of the city. Saint Isaac's Cathedral is located on the Isaac square. The distance from the Palace Square is approximately 700 meters. St. Isaac's Cathedral is a museum and the functioning church. Cathedral height is 101.5 m, the length and width about 100 meters. The outer diameter of the dome is 25,8 meters.

Gold-plated dome is visible from many places in the city. There is a viewing platform for tourists at the top, next to the dome.

The Bronze Horseman

he Bronze Horseman The Bronze Horseman is the most famous monument to the most famous Tsar of Russia. Monument to Peter the Great is situated on the “Senatskaya” square of St. Petersburg, close to the banks of the Neva River and St. Isaac's Cathedral. The distance from the monument to the Palace Square is about 700 meters.

The monument is a symbol of the city and one of the main points of interest in St. Petersburg. The monument was opened in August 1782. The monument author is French sculptor Etienne Falkone.

Sightseeing location can be specified on the map.

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood “Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood” is one of the most famous temples in St. Petersburg. The cathedral was built on the place, where was mortally wounded the Emperor of Russia Alexander II during an assassination attempt on the March 1, 1881. The cathedral was consecrated on August 19, 1907. The appearance of the church is a collective image of the Russian Orthodox churches, in which are noticeable features of Moscow St. Basil's Cathedral. Today the cathedral is a museum.
It is convenient to go to the cathedral from Nevsky Prospect along the Griboyedov Canal. There are also nearby located: the Russian Museum, Field of Mars, St. Michael's garden.

Kazan Cathedral

Kazan Cathedral Kazan Cathedral is one of the largest and most famous temples in St. Petersburg. It was built in years 1801-1811. The cathedral is situated in the center of St. Petersburg, near the Nevsky Prospect. A special feature of the cathedral is semicircular colonnade of 96 columns. Military trophies were placed in the Kazan Cathedral after the victory in the war against Napoleon (French military flags and personnel baton of Marshal Davout). Russian troop’s commander Field marshal Mikhail Kutuzov was buried here.
Captured from the French army trophies are in the Kazan Cathedral until now days.

The Admiralty building

The Admiralty building Going to the Palace Square by the Nevsky Prospekt, you will see way ahead the gilded spire. It is the spire of the Admiralty building. Saint Petersburg was created by Peter the Great as a maritime city, the base of the Russian fleet. Therefore, immediately after the start of building of the city, in the autumn 1704, begin construction of a shipyard. Admiralty building was rebuilt several times. After 1884 the building of ships here was discontinued. In Admiralty was located administration of the Russian Navy.

The most famous part of the building is its gilded spire. At the top of the spire is set figure of a ship. This ship on the spire of the Admiralty is a symbol of the city of St. Petersburg.
The nearest metro station: “Admiralteiskaya”.

Aurora cruiser

Aurora cruiser The Aurora cruiser was one of the main attractions of the Leningrad city (St. Petersburg name from 1924 to 1991) in the days of the Soviet Union. The reason is that the history of the warship has been linked with the history of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Cruiser Aurora is one of the most popular places to see in St. Petersburg now too. The ship is currently a museum, a branch of the Naval Museum.
Cruiser Aurora was commissioned June 16, 1903. Currently, the ship is located near “Petrogradskaya” embankment in St. Petersburg.

Summer Garden

Summer Garden (Летний сад) is the most famous park in St. Petersburg. Park was built by the orders of Peter I in 1704. The summer residence of the Tsar - the Summer Palace, was located in the park. Park construction was going on for a long time. Empress Elizabeth allowed city residents to get in Summer Garden in 1752. The park has a large number of sculptures. A beautiful park fence is also large known. Large restoration of the park was completed in spring 2012.
Summer Garden is located on the left bank of the river Neva, between the Champs de Mars and the Fontanka River.

The nearest metro stations “Nevsky Prospekt” and “Gostiny Dvor” are located at a distance approximately 800 meters from the park.

Cabin of Peter the Great

ДPeter the Great cabinHouse of Peter the Great is the first built in St. Petersburg building. It was built by soldiers for three days in May 1703 and has preserved to this day. Peter the Great lived in the house in summer from 1703 to 1708 years. Cabin of Peter the Great is a relatively small house 60m², built of pine logs. Protective structure was built around the building already in 1731 within which the house is located. The house becomes to be a museum in 1930. There where collected things of 18th century and the original things of Peter the Great.
Address: Saint Petersburg, Petrovskaya embankment, 6.

Vasilievsky Island

Neva River divides into two branches near the Winter Palace and Peter and Paul Fortress. “Bolshaya Neva” flows south of Vasilievsky Island; “Malaya Neva” goes around the island from the north. This place, the eastern part of Vasilievsky Island, has its own name “Spit of Vasilievsky Island”, and, according to many people, is the most beautiful place in St. Petersburg.
The Stock Exchange building is the most noticeable building here. Two rostral columns are located nearby. A fire light on columns in days of the biggest holidays (gas torches).

Neva River
The nearest metro station “Admiralteiskaya” is located on distance of about 1 kilometer.

Sphinx on the Neva River

Sphinx in St. Petersburg There are two ancient Egyptian sphinxes on the University Embankment in St. Petersburg. They are much older than St. Petersburg. Sphinxes age estimated as about 3.5 thousand years. They were brought to St. Petersburg from Egypt in 1832 and installed on the waterfront on Vasilievsky Island in 1834.

Located at the University embankment Sphinxes are one of the St. Petersburg attractions.

The Bank Bridge

The Bank Bridge The Bank Bridge is placed across the Griboyedov Canal, just south of the Nevsky Prospekt in the center of St. Petersburg. Length of the bridge is about 25 meters and width 1.9 meters. This small suspension bridge is one of the city attractions. Bridge is famous for sculptures of mythical Griffins figures with gold-coated wings. Griffins figures are located at the corners of the bridge.

The nearest metro station is “Nevsky Prospekt”.

Singer House

Singer House Singer House (Singer company house) is one of the most prominent and the most recognizable buildings on Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg. The house is also known under the name of the located in it shop – “House of Books”. Six-story Art Nouveau style building was built in 1902 - 1904 under the project of architect Paul Suzor for Singer Sewing Machine Company. A distinctive feature of the building is located at the top of it structure (tower) with installed at top glass globe with a diameter of 2,8 meters.

House of Singer located at address Nevsky Prospekt 28. It is next to Kazan Cathedral, near “Gostiny Dvor” department store.

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