Travel Ideas - Connect Finnish nature with traditional Finnish food in Finnish Lake District

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If you are already dreaming of where to travel in 2024, consider a trip to Finland. Another reason to visit Finland has recently appeared - the Saimaa region in Finland has been awarded the title of European Gastronomy Region 2024. Combine Finnish nature with traditional Finnish food in the Finnish Lakeland (Finnish lake district).


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Flixbus expands route network

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🚌 Many of us prefer to travel by bus. Often the bus is the most economical choice of transport. There are many places that can only be reached by bus or car.

I like to travel by bus if the route is not too long. I like to look out the window at the landscapes, cities, and people passing by.

How do you know if there is a bus route to your desired destination? The Internet will help you. Unlike searching for flights, you may have to search multiple websites. Start with Flixbus.


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The ski season opens in Finland on October 6, 2023. How do they do it?

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Ski season winter 2015 - 2016 scheduled to open in the next few days in Finland. Skiing is very popular in this country. There is a large number of small and large ski centers. They come here to ski, and the inhabitants of border regions of Russia.
Landscapes of the Caucasian mountains Dombai


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Almost 3,000 foreigners received Russian e-visa in August 2023. Who are they?

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27,700 foreigners have already received an Russian e-visa for August 2023. (Foreigners can get a visa to visit Russia remotely, online, from August 1, 2023.)

It is reported that the most electronic Russian visas (more than half of the total) were issued to Chinese tourists. (15,100 e-visas were issued to tourists from China in August 2023).

Citizens of Estonia are in second place in the number of visas received via the Internet. (2700 electronic visas to Russia.)


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Ski Season 2023 - 2024 Planned Opening Dates in US ski resorts

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When does the winter season start in US ski resorts? It depends on the location and the weather. We collect the information available to us here and share with you. Plan your ski vacation with us.

The opening dates for the 2023/24 ski season have already been announced, although the weather may change. (Winter operating dates are subject to change due to weather, conditions, and unforeseen circumstances.)


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Where to go on Christmas vacation? To Finland Lapland!

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Where are you planning to travel during your winter vacation? Maybe it's worth visiting Finland, Lapland? Last winter tourist season was very successful in Finnish Lapland. It is expected that even more foreign tourists will come to northern Finland in winter 2023/24. The busiest time will be the Christmas holidays. But March is the best month for such a trip, in our opinion.

What attracts tourists to Finland?


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  • What do you plan to do on vacation? You can book a 📷 guided tour or buy museum tickets online.
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