Visit Liverpool - host city of Eurovision 2023

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The city of Liverpool is the venue for Europe's most popular song contest, the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. This will surely attract many tourists to the city. If you are looking for travel ideas, maybe you should visit Liverpool this year too?

Eurovision 2023.
Dates: Tuesday 9th -Saturday 13th May 2023.

  • Semi-final 1 - 9 May 2023.
  • Semi-final 2 - 11 May 2023.
  • Final -13 May 2023.

Location: M&S Bank Arena, Kings Dock, Liverpool .


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Travel Ideas - Connect Finnish nature with traditional Finnish food in Finnish Lake District

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If you are already thinking about where to travel next year, consider a trip to Finland. Another reason to visit Finland has recently appeared - the Saimaa region in Finland has been awarded the title of European Gastronomy Region 2024. Combine Finnish nature with traditional Finnish food in the Finnish Lakeland (Finnish lake district).


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What will travel be like and how to plan a vacation trip this year? Two strategies for vacationers.

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Many of us have a passion for travel. Many of us consider travel to be the best way to spend our holidays. Perhaps you, too, are already making plans for the summer and autumn? Let's try together to find the right strategy for planning a vacation.

Travel is experiencing an undeniable renaissance. Nearly half of Americans would like to take at least a short trip this year, and about a third plan to travel abroad this summer.


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Another reason to choose the Outrigger Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel for your next vacation in Hawaii

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If you have already decided that your next vacation will be in Hawaii, then this is only the beginning of a complex process - the process of choosing: destination island, resort, travel time. There are indeed many good hotels in Hawaii, and this only complicates the task of choosing.

Whichever hotel you stay in, the wonderful nature of the Hawaiian Islands will accompany you during your vacation.


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You can afford to travel to Europe if you so desire

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To go on vacation in Europe from the US is not so expensive as it seems at first. A large price war forces air carriers to reduce prices and sell tickets. Tickets for flights of many airlines (American, Delta, United, Swiss Air, KLM, Air France) can sometimes be purchased at fairly competitive prices, with good luck.


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New five-star resort on the Mediterranean coast in Turkey

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Are you planning a holiday in Turkey this year? If you have not yet chosen a hotel, then this information may be useful to you:
a new, luxurious, five-star resort opens on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey in the spring of 2023.

The new hotel of the Rixos chain - "Rixos Park Belek" is located 3 kilometers from the center of Belek. The distance from Antalya Airport is approximately 35 kilometers. This is a nice, luxurious hotel located next to the beach.


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Water temperature on some beaches on the Mediterranean coast in Spain

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What is the temperature of the sea water on the Mediterranean beaches of Spain? This will certainly be interesting to know for those who are going on vacation to Spain. You will find information about water and air temperature at some of the popular beaches.


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About half of the holiday homes on the Costa del Sol are already booked for this summer

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Do you want to spend your summer holidays on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, in Andalusia, on the Costa del Sol? Do you prefer staying in a private holiday home instead of a hotel? You should hurry up! According to various travel websites, "More than half of Malaga's rural holiday homes are already booked for this summer!"


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Summer Olympic Games 2024 in Paris

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Paris will be the host city for the 2024 Summer Olympics. The 33rd Summer Olympic Games will be held from July 26 to August 11, 2024.

There is still a lot of time left before the event, so changes are possible.

The Olympic torch relay will begin in April 2024 and will pass through all regions of France.


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What about you, do you spend money on travel or make money from tourists?

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We all love to travel. (If you don't like travel, then you're on the wrong website.) Some of us spend money on travel, others make money off tourists. (As for me, I combine the first and second.)

Recently, the cities that earned the most from tourists in 2022 were named. In my opinion, this suggests that these cities should definitely be visited in 2023 if you have not been there yet.

Here are the cities of the World that statistics recommend you visit this year.

The cities that received the most income from tourism in 2022.


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Tips and links

Are you going on vacation? We will give you some useful tips (which, however, are well known to experienced travelers).

  • Choose the place where you want to go on vacation. Holiday
  • Book a place to stay Recomendation (hotel, villa, vacation home, apartment, hostel) according to your preferences.
  • How will you get from the airport (station) to the hotel? Public transport is the cheapest way to get. But it's more convenient Recomendation to book a taxi 🚕 (low-priced, fixed rate cars, private shuttles, meet-and-greet airport pickups and luggage assistance) or rent a car 🚗.
  • What do you plan to do on vacation? You can book a 📷 guided tour or buy museum tickets online.
  • Find flights Flihts and buy a plane ticket.

See also: the best resort hotels on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, in Turkey or in Miami Beach.

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