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Rental property in Saint Petersburg

example room Every day in St. Petersburg are rented a large number of apartments. People rent them for different reasons. Someone has her own apartment in St. Petersburg, but wants to live in another, better apartment or in another district of the city. Many come to St. Petersburg to work from other cities or other countries. They need to rent flats at the time of their work, need accommodation. To work in St. Petersburg come not only citizens of the former Soviet Union. Coming here to work are also citizens of the USA, Finland, Sweden, Germany and other European countries. All they need to find flat in Saint Petersburg.

Petersburg is a city of students. Every year in the higher schools of St. Petersburg are studying a lot of students from different countries. For example, many students from China and African countries are studying in Saint Petersburg now. Great number students from China study in Saint Petersburg technical universities (Polytechnic University, State University of Aerospace Instrumentation). Second place belongs to the Pedagogical University and the third to the St. Petersburg State University.

Flats in Saint Petersburg for long term rent

How much it cost to rent long term apartments (flats) for rent in Saint Petersburg? Petersburg is relatively expensive city. As of the beginning of 2014 to rent apartments for less than 17,000 rubles a month will not succeed. The cost of renting an apartment depends strongly on the location of the apartment, its size and condition. The most expensive apartments are in the city center and in the Petrogradsky district.

Apartments situated close to metro stations are also more expensive. One-bedroom apartment in good condition, with furniture and equipped with household appliances will cost not less 25 thousand rubles a month. The upper level of prices for rental apartments is difficult to determine. The cost of renting high-end apartments in St. Petersburg can be more than 100 thousand rubles a month.

If you succeeded find a suitable apartment and agree to all rental terms with apartments owner you will need to pay when signing the lease contract (rental agreement):

  • The cost of renting an apartment for the first month.
  • Deposit for an apartment up to 100% of the rent for the month. Its return after you leaves the apartment, if the apartment will not be damaged.
  • Real estate agency fees in the amount usually 100% of the rental cost per month.

Daily rate apartments

Apartments for rent are in great demand in St. Petersburg at the height tourist season. Living in apartments is generally cheaper than in a hotel (especially for families with children or a small company). Apartment or a room for rent will be surely offered to you at the train station (at the airport). But there are more civilized ways.

Use the hotel reservation service, and select apartments in the menu on the search results page. You can choose an apartment in a suitable for you place and at the best price.
Or go to one of the most popular global apartment rental services: Homeaway, AirBnb. (If you plan to visit Saint Petersburg at the height of the tourist season, it is better to take care of accommodation in advance.)
Rental flats in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. (租在圣彼得堡莫斯科或公寓在这里)

It is possible to rent an apartment for a short period of time (a few days or months) here.



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