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Moscow Zoo

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Moscow Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. This is the fourth in Russia Zoo by area. The zoo is one of the most visited places in Moscow. More than 3.5 million people visit the zoo each year. (It ia included in the top ten most visited zoos in the world.) The zoo was founded in 1864. The zoo's collection consists of over 1,100 species of animals.

Moscow Zoo is located approximately 2.7 kilometers west of the Red Square. The zoo is located next to the Garden Ring. The area of the zoo is divided into two parts by Bolshaya Gruzinskaya street and connected by the transition. The main entrance is located at the intersection of streets and Krasnaya Presnya and Bolshaya Gruzinskaya.

Volunteers help the zoo. Every person or organization of any form of property can choose an animal loved by and become his guardian.


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