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Hotels in Saint Petersburg

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Four Seasons hotel There are a large number of hotels in St. Petersburg. The city has a comfortable, five-star hotels and also cheaper hotels and hostels. Hotels serve not tourists only. A large number of people come for other purposes: business trips, for study, for treatment and medical services.

How many hotels there are in St. Petersburg? Different sources give different information. According to published in Wikipedia information, the city has about 640 hotels. Total number of hotel rooms is about 30 thousand. Perhaps the statistics take into account not all companies offering places to stay.

The best places to stay for tourists in St. Petersburg can be considered located near Nevsky Prospect areas. Hotels located on the banks of the Neva river are especially popular in the summer.

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Starting from April 1, 2024, tourists are additionally required to pay a tourist tax in the amount of 100 rubles per day.

The most popular in the world hotels reservation website offers a choice of a room at any of the approximately 3,400 hotels (2016). Hotels categories is divided in the following proportions in this group:
1 star hotels - 29; 2 stars hotels - 125; 3 stars hotels - 414; 4 star hotels - 84; 5 stars hotels - 18; Unrated hotels - 2731.

Hotels serve the largest number of customers in the summer, as well as during the school winter holidays. The rest of the year, occupancy of hotels is much less. Some of the comings to the city people prefer to live in surrendering to the daily rent apartments.

Four Seasons Lion Palace, Belmond Grand Hotel Europe, Taleon Imperial Hotel, Astoria and Angleter can be called among the most expensive and the most comfortable hotels in St. Petersburg. There are also a lot of relatively inexpensive hotels and hostels for not very rich tourists in the city. The cheapest way to stay in the city is to rent the bed in the hostel. For companies and families in many cases a low-cost option for accommodation in St Petersburg is apartments for daily rent.

Hotels exemplary characteristics depending on the number of stars:

  • One star hotel - cheap hotel with a minimum level of comfort and range of services.
  • Two star hotel - a cheap hotel, with a mandatory daily cleaning of rooms.
  • Three star hotel - there may be in the list of possible services: daily cleaning of rooms, bathroom, TV, mini bar or refrigerator room, swimming pool, gym, room for provided by the hotel breakfast. Some of these services may not be available. It is assumed the presence of different types of rooms.
  • Four star hotel - high-class hotel, with a wide range of services (including several bars and restaurants, swimming pool, gym, business center). Prices of rooms in these hotels are significantly above average.
  • Five star hotel - luxury hotel with the most comfortable conditions for living. It provides a maximum list of services and the best service.

Some of the hotels do not consider themselves to any of the categories. This does not mean that the hotel is unable to provide comfortable accommodation. Maybe the hotel is not able to perform any of the existing demand, but it is a convenient place of residence.

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