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flag of Sweden Many people like to travel. The number of tourist trips was increasing in last years. We like to visit different countries and see all interesting places with own eyes. One of the most popular among tourists country in Europe is Sweden. Tourist industry of this northern country was growing most rapidly among north European countries in recent years.

The best time to visit Sweden is summer. Most tourists come to Sweden in July and August. The most popular place in Sweden is the Stockholm. “Västra Götaland”, “Dalarna” and “Scone” (Skåne) are also popular by tourists regions of Sweden.

Sweden (Kingdom of Sweden, Konungariket Sverige) is located in Northern Europe on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. Sweden is the fifth largest country in Europe by area. Sweden is bordered by Norway to the west, Finland to the north-east. Sweden is washed by the Baltic Sea in the south and south-east. Sweden neighbor country is also a Denmark, which is separated by the straits Öresund, Kattegat and Skagerrak. Parts of Sweden are also two large islands in the Baltic - Gotland and Öland.

The climate of Sweden has a strong influence of warm Gulf Stream. Thanks to it in most areas of the country is a temperate climate. Most of the country (53%) is covered by forests (by this indicator Sweden ranks first in Europe).

Sweden for many centuries played a great role in Europe. It is a country with a developed industry, education and rich cultural life also now. Many Swedish citizens have been global celebrities. There are many well-known over the world companies in Sweden (for example, Oriflame, Saab, Scania, Volvo, Volvo Trucks, Ericsson, TELE2, Electrolux, IKEA, TetraPak, Alfa Laval, SKF). In recent years an increasingly important role in the Swedish economy plays tourism.

The largest cities of Sweden are Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo and Uppsala. There is a very important object of the transport infrastructure of Europe in Malmo - Öresund Bridge (Øresundsbroen, Öresundsbron), which connects the capital of Denmark Copenhagen with Sweden. (It is part of international European route E20, crossing this bridge-tunnel via the road, and the Öresund Railway Line, which uses the railway.)

Tourism in Sweden

Stockholm's main tourist attractions What attracts tourists to Sweden? People with different interests can find here something interesting for themselves. The largest Sweden city Stockholm has many tourist attractions and museums. Here you can learn about the history of the country and to some extent with the history of Europe. In Stockholm and other cities in Sweden happens many interesting cultural and sporting events such as concerts, exhibitions, fashion shows, competitions. Many people are attracted by the unique nature of Sweden. In the north you can find a place to which civilization and the large number of tourists has not reached yet. The southern country part each year attracts a large number of yachts owners from different countries.

Sweden government attaches great importance to tourism development. Tourism helps to promote communication between people from different countries and cultures. This provides additional development capacity. Tourism is also an opportunity to create jobs for young people and immigrants. Travel and tourism provide income for many businesses and create jobs. According to statistics, the total turnover of the tourism industry amounted to almost SEK 255 billion in 2010. Nearly 50 percent of this revenue received from domestic tourism. Approximately 17 percent of the revenues associated with business travel and little more than 34 percent of this revenue from foreign visitors.

First of all income from tourists receive hotels. Most of all income received the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. In 2010 in hotels of Stockholm tourists spent more than 10 million nights. On the following positions were Västra Götaland (8.3 million), Dalarna (5.4 million) and Scone (4.5 million) regions

Most visited tourist sites in Sweden

These places were mostly visited by tourists in 2010 (by tourism statistic). The following dates are rounded to millions of people.

1. Liseberg Gothenburg, 2,9 million visitors. Liseberg is the amusement park in Gothenburg. It is one of the largest amusement parks in Europe. In 2005 Forbes magazine was included Liseberg to the top 10 best amusement parks in the world.

2. Folkets Park Malmö. 2,8 million visitors. The first national park in Sweden, was opened in 1893 for residents of Malmo. Folkets Park is mainly focused on family activities today. Address: Norra Parkgatan 2, 214 22 Malmö.

3. Kulturhuset Stockholm. 2,0 million visitors. Kulturhuset (Culture House) was opened in 1974 in central Stockholm in the Sergels Torg square.

4. Sälens Ski Resort Malung. 2,0 million visitors. It is large ski and tourist center in the Malung-Sälen municipality. During peak season in winter here rests the same time up to 80 000 people a day.

5. Fyrishov, Uppsala. 1,7 million visitors. Fyrishov is located in Uppsala sports and recreation center. Here is a popular water park and a center for water sports.

6. Globe Arena Stockholm. 1,5 million visitors. Stockholm Globe Arena (Ericsson Globe) is sports and concert center. The original ball form building. Globen Arena has 16,000 seats for spectators. Concerts and hockey competitions are held here.

7. Stockholmsmässan. Stockholm International Fairs and Congress Centre Stockholmsmässan is located in southern suburb of Stockholm Municipality. There are held trade fairs and other events. 1,3 million visitors.

8. Gröna Lund. Tivoli Gröna Lund (literally The Green Grove) or Grönan is an amusement park in Stockholm. It is relatively small, but popular mainly due to its central location. It is located on the seaward side of the Djurgården island in Stockholm, Sweden. 1,3 million visitors.

9. Skansen. Sknsen (the Sconce) is popular open-air museum and zoo in Sweden. It is located on the island Djurgården in Stockholm. Since 1897, Skansen has been served by the Skansens Bergbana, a funicular railway on the northwest side of the Skansen hill. 1,3 million visitors.

10. Svenska Mässan. Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg. It is one of Scandinavia's biggest assembly points. It has the same distance to all three capital cities, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. 1,1 million visitors.

11. Eriksdal. It is water sport center with 5 pools for variety events. Stockholm. 1,1 million visitors.

12. Vasa Museum. The Vasa museum is a maritime museum in Stockholm. It is located on the island of Djurgården. The museum displays the only almost fully intact 17th century ship. 1,1 million visitors. Address: Galärvarvsvägen 14, Djurgården, Stockholm, Sweden.

13. Åre Ski Area. Åre is an alpine ski area in Sweden. It is located in Åre Municipality, approximately 80 km (50 mi.) from the city of Östersund. 1,0 million visitors.

14. Rosvalla Event center. Rosvalla is a sports, exhibition and concert centre in the municipality of Nyköping. There are indoor ice rinks, tennis courts, bowling lanes and a multi-purpose hall for sports, exhibitions and concerts. 0,96 million visitors.

15. Royal Palace. The Stockholm Palace is the official residence of the Swedish monarch. It is located on Stadsholmen, in Gamla stan in Stockholm. The changing of the guards is a ceremony and tourist attraction held at the Outer Courtyard of the palace. 0,8 million visitors.

16. Ale's Stones. Ales stenar is a megalithic monument in Skåne in southern Sweden. It is 67-metres long formed by 59 large boulders, weighing up to 1.8 tones each.

17. Söderåsen Nature Res. Svalöv 0,75.
18. Lund Cathedral Lund 0,70.
19. Dunkers Kulturhus Helsingborg 0,65.
20. Scandinavium Gothenburg 0,64.
21. Uppsala Cathedral Uppsala 0,60.
22. Gustavsvik Waterpark Örebro 0,58.
23. Idre Fjäll, skiing Älvdalen 0,56.
24. Swedish Museum Stockholm 0,54.
25. Kolmårdens Wildlife P. Norrköping 0,54.
26. Vemdalen / Klövsjö, skiing Härjedalen 0,54.
27. Aqua Mera Pool Växjö 0,54.
28. Mariebergsskogen, City Park Karlstad 0,54.
29. Universeum Gothenburg 0,52.

In what places do like to travel Sweden residents?

According to statistics, most Swedes travel to regions of Vastra Gotaland, Stockholm, Skane, Dalarna and Halland. For trips abroad Swedes most often chose Finland, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Great Britain, Italy and France (destinations are listed in order of number of trips). In 2010, residents of Swedish have made more than 10 million trips abroad (excluding business trips).


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