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Hotels near the central beach in Sochi

The building of the sea station is one of the symbols and attractions of Sochi. This is the very center of the city and almost all tourists visit this place and consider it necessary to walk along the embankment. “Mayak” (Lighthouse) beach is located to east of the sea station. It can be considered as the central beach of the city. The hotels located near this place will be the best place to stay during holiday in Sochi for many tourists.


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Barkhatnye Sezony Resort in Adler

Barkhatnye Sezony Resort (Бархатные сезоны, Velvet Seasons Hotel) has become one of the most popular places to stay for groups of tourists in Adler (Great Sochi) after the Olympics. The hotel is located near the sea shore in the eastern part of Adler near the border with Abkhazia. The distance to the Psou River from the hotel (border with Abkhazia) is approximately one kilometer.


The Bridge Resort Hotel

The Bridge Hotel Resort (4 stars) is one of the best and most popular in Adler (Great Sochi). The hotel offers good service and amenities for excellent vacation on the shores of the Black Sea. The rooms in the hotel are in great demand from May to October. Therefore, if you are planning a holiday in this hotel for the summer season, you should take care of booking the room well in advance. You can book a room as an independent traveler or buy a package tour to this hotel.


Bogatyr Hotel in Adler

While being in Adler near the Olympic Park and the Amusement park Sochi Park, you will surely pay attention to the complex of buildings built in the form of a Fairytale Castle. This is one of the most famous hotels in Adler - "Bogatyr" hotel. This is a very convenient place to stay for those who want to get the most out of vacation in Sochi.


Radisson Blu Hotel in Sochi (Adler)

The Radisson Blu hotel chain has several hotels in the Greater Sochi area. Radisson Hotels are available in Sochi, Adler and near the ski resorts in Krasnaya Polyana mountain village. In Adler, Radisson Blu Resort & Congress and Radisson Blu Paradise Resort and Spa are located next to the Black Sea coast. Both hotels are located to the south-east of the center of Adler town, next to the Olympic Park. The distance between these two hotels of the world-famous hotel chain is approximately 3.5 kilometers.


Rodina hotel in Sochi

If you want to spend a vacation in Sochi in a comfortable and at the same time secluded ambience, the Rodina Grand Hotel & SPA is one of the best accommodation options for you. This hotel is often chosen for vacation by rich and famous Russians and those who have money, and have no opportunity to travel abroad.

Rodina Grand Hotel & SPA is located near the Black Sea coast, a little north of the city center of Sochi (behind the Riviera park). Distance from the hotel's central building to the beach is



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