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The best areas to stay in Moscow

You will most likely need a place to stay if you are planning a trip to Moscow. It can be a hotel, hostel, or apartment. (Apartments are often chosen by those who travel with children or a small group of friends.) You know yourself what is best for you. The location of your hotel is very important as well. Which areas are better to stay in Moscow for tourists?

It's very simple, choose the area of ​​the city in which it will be most convenient for you to live.

  • We recommend to book a hotel (hostel, apartment) in the city center if you are traveling to Moscow as a tourist for a few days. Especially for the first time visitors.
  • Look for a place to stay near the place where will spend most of your time if you go to Moscow for a specific purpose (business trip, study, treatment, sports event).
  • Choose a hotel near the station, if you plan to leave the city at night, or plan to spend in the city only two or three days.

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In the city center

Most tourists prefer to stay in the central part of the city. The most famous sights of Moscow are here: the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Bolshoi Theater, the Historical Museum and many other places.
The area inside the Garden Ring can be considered the central part of the city (and next to it). Garden ring encircles the central part of the city and has a diameter of not more than 4 kilometers. You can stroll on foot in the center of Moscow at any time if you choose a hotel here.

Many of the best and most expensive hotels of Moscow are located in the city center. Wealthy people and foreign tourists prefer to stay in this area of the city. But there are also cheap hotels and hostels for tourists with a small travel budget.

You should book a hotel room in advance if you are planning to visit Moscow at the peak of the tourist season (in summer, early May, on New Year's Eve and during the winter holidays in schools).

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Arbat, (pedestrian street in the center of Moscow) is also very popular with locals and tourists. But, perhaps, it will be more convenient for you to choose a place to stay closer to the Red Square. You can come to Arbat for a walk on the metro.

Moscow City (the new business district of Moscow) has also become a popular destination for tourists lately. This area of the city is often chosen not only by businessmen heading to Moscow, but also by tourists. At the same time, many consider this area not convenient and uninteresting for tourists (for living). Distance to the city center is about 5 kilometers. The metro stations "Delovoy Tsentr" and "Vystavochnaya" are located nearby.

Hotels near the place you need

The hotels near the train stations are often also convenient for travelers. It all depends on the time of your arrival in the capital of Russia (and departure from the city).

For example, Kazansky, Leningradsky, Yaroslavsky stations are located next to Komsomolskaya Square. (It is often called the "Square of Three Train Stations".) There are quite a lot of hotels in this area. Many apartments are rented on a daily basis too. (You can find them on the booking sites in the category of apartments.) You can get to the city center and other popular with tourist placess by metro.

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Useful information: Aeroexpress to Sheremetyevo airport leaves from Belorussky railway station, to Domodedovo airport - from Paveletsky railway station, to Vnukovo airport from Kievsky railway station.
(You can order a taxi to the airport (from the airport to the hotel) on the Internet.

If you go to Moscow for a specific purpose and will spend a lot of time in a place known to you, then you should book a hotel near this place. (But this is not always true, make a decision on your own.)

Sometimes it is convenient to navigate by the metro stations. On our website there is information about some of them and nearby hotels.

For example:

  • The exhibition center Crocus Expo is located outside the city limits. The nearest metro station is Myakinino.
  • VDNH is located in the north-east of Moscow, at a distance of about 8 kilometers from the city center. (Metro station VDNH.)
  • The central exhibition complex "Expocenter" is located next to "Moscow City". The nearest metro stations are: "Vystavochnaya", "Delovoy Tsentr".
  • Stadium "Luzhniki" is located about 6 kilometers south-west of the city center (the Kremlin and Red Square). Metro station Sportivnaya.
  • Moscow State University (MSU) is located about 8 kilometers southwest of the city center on Vorobyovy Gory (main building). Metro station: University. (Hotels near Moscow State University.)

Hotels in the city center and next to popular tourist places can be in great demand at the peak of the tourist season. In summer and during school holidays, the hotel room suitable for you at a price and location can be difficult to find. In this case, try to look for a place to stay at a distance, but next to the metro station (in walking distance). So that you can get to the place you need quickly, and, preferably, without a line change. In addition, prices in such hotels, hostels and apartments can be significantly lower sometimes.

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