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Turkey Mediterranean coast

Turkey most popular by tourist places are located on the Mediterranean coast of the country. “Antalya coast” and “Turkey Riviera” names are also used for Turkey Mediterranean coast. Tourists are attracted by warm sea and mild climate of the local resorts.

In winter, the temperature rarely fall below 5 - 10°C here and the water 18°C. The water temperature is kept around 28-30°C in summer. The sun shines 300 days of the year here. The swimming season in these beaches begins in April and ends in November only. The capital of the Turkish Riviera is Antalya. The main resorts of Antalya coast are: Antalya, Kemer, Belek, Side, and Alanya.

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Antalya photo Antalya is the main resort city on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. This region is known as the “Turkish Riviera” and attracts huge number of tourists every year. Antalya region was recognized by UNESCO as one of the cleanest places in the country. There are beautiful beaches, warm sea, comfortable Mediterranean climate, good infrastructure. In the surroundings of Antalya you will find many attractions and beautiful places. Antalya Airport receives flights from many countries. Many people from various European countries have purchased property here in recent years. Most tourists come here during the period from April to October.
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Alanya Alanya is a resort town in Turkey, located at distance 135 kilometers to east of Antalya. Alanya was used as a seaside resort for over 800 years. Today tourists from Europe are attracted by warm and gentle sea, long beaches and interesting history. Among popular city attractions are: Damlatash cave, the ancient fortress of the XIII century, the “Red Tower” (Kizil Kule).
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Embankment in  Marmaris Marmaris is an important port and resort on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey (on the boundary between the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean). During the hot tourist season it takes about 300-400 thousand tourists. It is “Sailing capital of Turkey”. The city provides excellent opportunities for sailing and water sports, as well as for marine excursions along the coastal strip of the Aegean Sea.


The beach in Turkey Fethiye (the ancient name Telmessos) is an area of Turkey and resort town in south-western Turkey. It is located at a distance 135 km southeast of Marmaris. The town population is about 65,000 people. The city is located at the foot of the mountains covered with pine and cedar forests on the banks of the beautiful bay. Among historical attractions in the city are remains of the ancient Roman Theater, ruins of a medieval knight's castle of XV century. At a distance about 40 kilometers from the town is the Dalaman Airport. Fethiye is one of the most beautiful resorts in the Mediterranean coast. This place is especially popular with tourists from Great Britain and Germany. Reportedly more than 7,000 people from the UK permanently reside here.


Kemer is a very famous resort in Turkey. It is located 40 kilometers to west of Antalya in a picturesque location, between the steep peaks of the Taurus Mountain range and the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The city's population is 20.1 thousand inhabitants (2010). Kemer and its surroundings offer a lot of different hotels, from budget hotels to luxury five star hotels. Kemer resort area includes areas Beldibi Goynuk, Kemer, Kiris, Chamyuva, Tekirova.


Side town is located at a distance 75 kilometers to east of Antalya. This ancient city has rich history. For fans of historical sites around the city is a lot of buildings of ancient times (remains of ancient fortresses, temples of Apollo and Athena, theater, baths).


Belek is located at a distance about 30 kilometers to east of Antalya. It is one of the newest resorts in the Republic of Turkey. Development of tourism infrastructure and recreation facilities started here in 1984. It is one of the world famous resort centers now. One of the important directions of development of the city is to promote the game of golf. Belek is one of the most famous golf centers not only Turkey, but also around the world. The resort is surrounded by the famous pine forests, specially planted by Sultan Abdullaize II.


Gazipaşa (Gazipaşa) is city in the province of Antalya, located approximately 40 kilometers to east of Alanya. The distance to Antalya is 180 km. Until recently, the Gazipasa has been known as an agricultural region of Turkey. There grow mmany fruits and vegetables (citrus, bananas). There are both rocky areas and sandy beaches on the coast. Some beaches in Gazipaşa are used as nesting places by sea turtles. Construction is prohibited in such places. City and Region Gazipaşa is actively developing as a tourist center. To attract tourists here are a good climate, beautiful nature (sea and mountain) and historical sights. Marina and berths for cruise ships will start to operate in the near future.

Gazipasa Airport (Gazipaşa - Alanya Airport) was opened for international flights in 2011. The airport serves travelers arriving in the cities Gazipasa, Alanya, Yeşilöz. Alanya can be reached by bus in about 40 minutes from the Gazipasa airport. The volume of traffic is increasing annually. The airport receives flights from Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and other countries.

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Distance between Antalya (Antalya Airport, AYT) and London ( London Heathrow Airport, LHR) is 1835 miles (2950 kilometres). The duration of the flight is about 4.6 hours.
Distance between New-York and Antalya is 5,270. miles (8,480 km.). One stop flight time from JFK to AYT is 12 about hours 45 minutes.

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