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Alanya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. Alanya located on the Mediterranean Sea coast, approximately 135 km to east of the Antalya city. This is one of the most famous cities of the “Turkish Riviera”. Alanya is using as a seaside resort for many years. This region of Turkey has a warmer climate, in comparison to other Turkey resorts. There are no strong winds in summer and even at night there is no cool. The tourist season lasts a little longer than in other regions of Turkey. Tourists from Europe countries attract here warm Mediterranean Sea, good climate and long beaches.

Climate and weather

Bay in Alanya photo Warm, Mediterranean climate is one of the factors attracting in Alanya a large number of tourists. The average annual temperature here is slightly higher than in most other popular resorts in Turkey. It is not too hot during the day here in summer. Winters are a bit warmer than in the other popular resorts cities of Turkey. The main tourist season lasts from May to October. Most rains falls from October to March here.

The climate of Alanya. The average air and water temperatures by month.
Indicator Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Average daily high, °C 16,2 16,3 18,3 21,1 24,7 28,7 31,5 32,0 30,2 26,5 21,6 17,7
Minimum per day, °C 8,6 8,4 10,1 13,0 16,7 20,4 23,3 23,6 21,2 17,4 13,0 10,0
The water temperature, °C 17,9 16,8 17,3 17,8 21,2 25,3 27,8 28,9 27,5 24,9 21,2 19,1

Beaches in Alanya

The beach photo Beaches in the region of Alanya considered among the best in Turkey. The Mediterranean coast is suitable for swimming for many miles to the east and west of the city center. The beaches are usually very broad and sandy. In some places on the beaches are pebbles. There is a stone slab of sandstone in many places at the entrance to the sea. Many of beaches are marked with the “Blue Flag”.

The “Blue Flag” is accepted, international mark that marks the best beaches on the planet. Beaches marked with “Blue Flag”, meet quality standards and are suitable for safe swimming.

Peninsula (on which is located fortress of Alanya) divides the coast into two parts. All beaches can be divided into two groups: located to west and located to east of the historic city center. There are Dalmatas beach and Cleopatra's Beach in the west part of city. To east of the peninsula are located beaches Keykubat and Portakal. The part of the coast to east of the historic center is often called as the “Eastern Beach”.
There are also popular beaches Ulaş, Konaklı, Fuğla, İncekum, Mahmutlar outside the city.

Entrance to almost all coast beaches is free. Tourists may to swim and sunbathe anywhere. You can also to take a shower after swimming. For using sun beds and parasols need to pay (some hotels have beach chairs and beach umbrellas for their customers on the coast). In many places, tourists are offered a variety of activities (parasailing, banana), in some places are cafes.
Cleopatra beach in Alanya

Dalmatash beach

Dalmatash Beach (Damlataş) is located within the city territory, to the west of the peninsula and the fortress of Alanya, near the Damlataş cave (one of the attractions of the city). The beach and the entrance to the sea are sandy, comfortable for swimming. The beach offer beautiful views of the rocky peninsula and the old fortress. According to legend, the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra bathed in this place. It is suitable for the Queen, and is suitable for you.

Cleopatra Beach

The Cleopatra beach is located near to the center of the city, to west of historic part of town. The beach is a continuation of the Dalmatash beach. Cleopatra Beach is part of the Dalmatash beach (in some sources Dalmatash beach named as part of the beach of Cleopatra). Cleopatra Beach is often called the best and most popular beach of Alanya. This sandy beach has a length about 2 kilometers.

Keykubat beach

Keykubat Beach is located to east of the historic city center. The beach and the sea bottom is mostly sandy, sometimes there is a pebble. In many places on the bottom of the sea is a stone plate of sandstone. There are a lot of green areas, cafes, restaurants, hotels and other tourist facilities near to the beach. The beach is also known as Begonvil Beach.

Portakal beach

Portakal Beach (also known as Oba) is located to east of the city center and is a continuation of the Portakal beach. In this place in the Mediterranean Sea flow into the Dim River (Dim Çayı) and Oba River (Oba Çayı), so there are places where are mixed salt and sweet water. The beach is mostly sandy.

Attractions and interesting places

The harbor and promenade

The harbor and promenade in Alanya are the place visited by all tourists in Alanya. Here in the bay, on the waterfront, are a lot of tour boats, on which tourists do boat trips. Close to the harbor is the fortress of Alanya, the main attraction of the city. There are many restaurants on the waterfront. Near is located a park with fountains and palm trees. Next to this place is also a big market where you can buy souvenirs and other goods.

Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle (Alanya Kalesi) is a major historical landmark. The fortress is located on a rocky peninsula that stands far out to sea. The total length of walls is about 6.5 kilometers. Fortress has in its structure 140 towers. On the east side walls come down the hill to the harbor of Alanya. The maximum height of the rock, on which the castle is located, is about 250 meters. Most of the fortress was built in the 13th century.

The Red Tower

The Red tower photo

The “Red Tower” (Kızıl Kule) is one of the main historical attractions of the city. The octagonal tower of red brick is one of the symbols of the city (in 1992 - 2005 tower was depicted on Turkish banknotes). The tower is located next to the old shipyard and harbor of Alanya. The Tower was construction was completed in 1226. The tower height is about 33 meters, a diameter about 29 meters. At present in the tower is a museum.

Old shipyard

Shipyard in Alanya was built in 1228. Currently, the shipyard is one of the attractions of Alanya. The shipyard is located on the seafront, close to the “Red Tower”. It is convenient to get to the “Old shipyard” walking from the harbor past the “Red Tower”.

Dalmatash cave

Dalmatash Cave (Damlataş Mağarası) is located in the city central part, in the western part of the peninsula, at a distance of about 100 meters from the beach. The cave is one of the tourist attractions of Alanya (the cave is specially equipped for the convenience of tourists). The temperature in the cave is near +22˚C, humidity of about 90-98%.
The cave entrance is located near the eastern edge of the beach (which is located west of the fort), just south of the Archaeological Museum, at the junction of streets Damlatas caddesi Sultan Alaaddin caddesi.


Alanya photo

Alanya has an extensive network of urban and suburban bus routes. Nearby settlements, as well as many cities of Turkey, can be reached by bus. The city also has plenty of taxis that can take tourists to the right place. Part of the streets in the surrounding the harbor area is closed to vehicles. Part of the market in Alanya is a pedestrian zone.

Antalya Airport

Antalya International Airport is the main airport that serves the tourists arriving to Alanya. The airport is located about 10 kilometers from the city of Antalya, and at a distance of about 130 kilometers from the city of Alanya. The airport has two international terminals and one terminal to serve domestic flights. Bus number 600 takes passengers from the airport to the bus station in Antalya. From there to the city of Alanya can be reached by bus.

Gazipasa Airport

The Gazipasa airport (Alanya Gazipaşa Airport, GZP) is located about 45 kilometers from the city of Alanya. The airport serves domestic lines and a limited number of international flights (for example, Amsterdam, Oslo, Brussels, Copenhagen).

Bus Station

Bus station (Alanya Otogarı) located in the western part of the city Alanya, between the streets “Kizlarpinari caddesi” and “Seyh Samil caddesi”. Bus Station address: Kızlar Pınarı Mh., Alanya. At the bus station is possible get a long distance buses to Antalya and other Turkey cities.


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