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Online services for travelers

Many travel lovers like to organize their trips themselves. The Internet is very useful for this. It is possible to book a room in the hotel, to buy a ticket for a plane or a train, to buy everything without leaving your home, online. Online Services is the fastest, most convenient way to prepare for the trip and solve possible problems. The site presents the most popular and most useful free Online Travel Services.

Travel apps

For many travellers, their smartphone is the most useful device. You can book a hotel (and buy airplane tickets) using your smartphone. Install the application for mobile devices for greater convenience in preparing for travel. All applications are tested, reliable and safe.

Useful link Download hotel booking apps: for iPhone or for Android.

flihts Flight Booking Apps. This will also be useful for you: applications for finding flights and buying air tickets - for iPhone or for Android.

Hotel booking

There are several companies offering online hotel reservations at hotel prices in almost any country in the world. Sometimes online prices are even slightly more profitable than if you contact the hotel directly. You need a VISA or MASTRCARD bank card to reserve a hotel room. (You will pay for hotel services already in the hotel on your own.) You can often book a hotel room in some countries without a bank card. One of the best reservation services is BOOKING.COM (checked in practice).
Go to the hotel searching and booking.

Rent of accommodation online

Living in a hotel is very convenient, but many prefer to rent an apartment for their trip. In some cases, it is cheaper than hotel accommodation. For example, if you travel with a family or a small company. In addition, you will have at your disposal a kitchen, and you can save on food by buying food in the supermarket. Modern online services allow you to rent an apartment for several days or months in any city in the world. You can find an apartment in Europe (Paris, London, Berlin), in America, in Asia (Thailand, Vietnam) or in Russia (Moscow, Petersburg).

If you plan to spend a vacation or all summer by the sea, to go on downhill skiing in the Alps, then you can use the Interhome rental service. Here you can rent a villa, cottage or apartment in the resort regions of Italy, France or Spain, a house in Austria, Switzerland or Finland.

Go to the company's website.

Plane tickets online

The ticket for the plane is also most convenient to buy online. It is possible to contact the airline directly, but it is conveniently compare the prices of tickets in different airlines using the online service.

Tickets Go to the airline search service by clicking on the link.

Was your flight delayed or canceled? You have the right to get compensation for damages in some cases. You can get help here -

Guided tours

Most of tourists go on one or several guided tours during their travels. It is possible to read about offered excursions and to book it online in advance. You can choose and book excursions in many cities and countries. It will be useful to get acquainted with the range of offered excursions. Buying a ticket online will save you from having to wait in line.
Guided tours We recommend.

Railway and bus tickets

There are three types of transport that travelers use: airplane, train, bus. Each type of transport has its advantages.

Tickets for trains in Europe and America are better to buy online sometimes. You, at a minimum, can find out the train timetable and the cost of tickets online and buy a ticket at the station later.

Tickets One of the best sites for buying train tickets is Rail Europe 🚄.

Rail Europe can help you buy tickets for your train journeys across Europe.


Bus tickets

FlixBus is a brand that offers intercity bus service in Europe, North America, and and several more countries in the plans. The company helps travelers with any budget find bus tickets.


Travel everywhere for less

Omio helps you find the best travel options by train, bus and plane to any city, town or village in Europe.

Flights, trains, buses in Asia

If you are planning to travel by yourself in Southeast Asia, then you may need tickets for trains, buses, ferries. You can buy tickets for many routes online. (You can familiarize yourself with the schedule and prices, and buy tickets after arriving at the place, for cash.)

12Go.Asia provides online booking sevis for all types of transport in many countries of Southeast Asia and Oceania: Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Philippines, New Zealand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau and China.

Russia train tickets

Train tickets to and from Russia. On the site you will find train schedules and train ticket prices.
Here you can buy a ticket for the train to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Vladivostok or Sochi.

Car rental

A car can make our trip more interesting and comfortable. We can move anywhere and at a convenient time for us. It is not necessary to drive your car with you. You can rent a car in your destination city.

Rent a car online.

Get compensation for flight delays

Has your flight been delayed or canceled? Perhaps you are entitled to compensation! You do not need to do this yourself. You can get experts help.

AirHelp - Compensation for flight delay or cancellation.

Compensation for flight delay or cancellation.

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