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Activities will fill your vacation with positive emotions. Most travelers take guided tours during their vacation. It is very interesting to see the sights, accompanied by a professional guide. You can buy a ticket, order a guided tour and choose an activity after arriving at the place, but it is better to do it in advance. Choose and book a tour or activity online.

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Guided tours in: New York | Miami | Orlando | Mexico | Spain | Paris | Venice | Rome | Barcelona | Prague | Helsinki | Tallinn | St.Petersburg

You can find out the offered assortment and prices on the website, and buy a tour after arrival at the place. But it is better to book individual and rare excursions in advance, online.

Your smartphone can be your travel guide. Just download the app. Learn more.

Here you can choose and book excursions and tours in some popular cities.
Choose: New York, Miami, Orlando, Mexico, Paris, Venice, Rome, Barcelona, Prague, Helsinki, Tallinn, Moscow, St.Petersburg. Find prices and book a tour online.

Tours can be different: sightseeing bus tours, walking tours and thematic excursions with visits to specific places. Among bus excursions, trips around the city on tourist buses are allocated according to the concept of Hop-on Hop-off. It is very convenient. You do not need to walk around the city on foot. Tourist buses pass alongside many popular places. You can enter the bus and get off the bus an unlimited number of times. Tickets can be bought for one or two days. Hop-on Hop-off bus tours can be bought in many tourist cities in the world (Paris, Rome, Barcelona, ​​London, New York.

River tours are a special kind of tours. They are held only in a few cities. They can be recommended to visit all tourists.

Buy tours and tickets you can after you arrive in the city of your destination. But sometimes it's better to do it in advance, via the Internet. The number of seats on buses is sometimes limited (for example, out-of-town tours).

For guided tours and tickets in all countries please visit this web-site.

New York | Miami | Orlando | Mexico | Paris | Venice | New York | Rome | Barcelona | Prague | Helsinki | Tallinn | Moscow | St. Petersburg

In Paris:
Buy an overview bus tour of the city. Visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Versailles, Montmartre and Disneyland. Take a river cruise on the river Seine. Take a bus tour with a visit to the castles of the Loire Valley.

Find out more about guided tours in Paris.

In Rome:
Visit the Coliseum and the Vatican Museums (we recommend to buy a ticket in advance), St. Peter's Cathedral. Buy a ticket to the Hop-on Hop-off bus (you can buy a ticket for one, two or three days). Go for a tasting of Italian wines, cheeses or visit a master class for making pizza.

Choose a guided tour in Rome.

In London:
Look at the city from the side of the pleasure craft during a river cruise on the Thames. Buy a sightseeing bus tour of the city. Visit the Tower, Tower Bridge, London Eye. Take a trip to Stonehenge. Buy a bicycle or pedestrian (there are free tours) sightseeing tour of London.

In Moscow:
Buy a sightseeing bus tour of the city. Take a river cruise along the Moskva River. Visit the Moscow Kremlin, VDNH, Vorobyovy Gory.

Choose a guided tour in Moscow.

Climb one of the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Take a boat to the Statue of Liberty. Take a bike or walking tour of the Central Park. (You can rent a bicycle or roller skates in the Park.)

Learn more about guided tours in NY.


Sea, desert and a big city in between. Here you can get bright and pleasant emotions.

New York | Miami | Orlando | Mexico | Paris | Venice | Rome | Barcelona | Prague | Helsinki | Tallinn | Moscow | St.Petersburg | Spain


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