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Hotel reservation services

We usually need a place to stay while traveling. It can be a hotel room, an apartment, a holiday home or a bed in a hostel. It is very easy to find suitable for you accommodation on the Internet. We present to you some of the best online service for hotels searching.

Which website is the best place to book hotels? For many years now, BookingCom can confidently be considered the best site for booking accommodation. Competitors are trying to supplant BookingCom from a leading position.

  • If you travel a lot and use the services of any one hotel chain, then it will be better to book a room on the website of this hotel chain.
  • If you travel infrequently or stop in different hotels, it is best to find and book a room on the website.
  • It is very good to book a room directly on the hotel website. But be careful. Fraudsters sometimes create fake hotel sites to steal your money.

There are few independent hotel reservation services in the world. Most websites only use the data and software offered by these companies. The most popular hotel booking services is 👍

  • is based in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). The company was established in 1996 and is a subsidiary of Booking Holdings, (formerly known as The Priceline Group). The company's website offers for booking about 1.5 million accommodation options, including hotel rooms, cottages, apartments and holiday homes in more than 250 countries. The company has offices that support customers in many countries. Customer support is provided in more than 40 languages around the clock.
  • is also a popular hotel reservation website. This is a branch of Expedia Group and the main competitor of BookingCom. The central office of the company is located in the USA. The company provides services in 34 languages, and lists over 325,000 hotels in approximately 19,000 locations.

If you are interested in how to book a hotel in Russia, look here.

"Compare prices on different hotel booking sites and choose the best deal" - you can find such offers on the Internet. Nobody wants to overpay. Is the proposal with the lowest price always the best? Is it possible to stay in a hotel at a price lower than that offered by the hotel itself? Sometimes yes. But do not forget about safety. Book your accommodation only on reliable sites. We recommend because it is the best service in our opinion. We use it ourselves and we never had any problems. You will find the best hotels offers at your destination easily and quickly.

The World Travel Award annually monitors the situation and compares different services. For several years in a row, HotelsCombined (RoomGuru) has become the winner in the "Best Website for Comparing Hotel Prices" nomination. The site is ahead in many respects of such popular services.

It should be noted that after comparing prices, most people book on the BuckingCom website (because it shows real prices and has high reliability). Skip to search the hotel.

Useful link You can compare prices and choose the best deals with the Hotellook service. is one of the world's leading online hotel reservations agencies. More than 30 million people are using the service for booking hotels for leisure and business travels around the world each month. Reservation service is available in 43 languages and offers over 135 000 hotels in 101 countries. The company has offices in Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cambridge, Cape Town, Dubai, Dublin, Istanbul, London, Lyon, Madrid, Montreal, Moscow, Munich, New York, Orlando, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Vienna, Warsaw and Zurich.

Useful link Skip to search the hotel.


Use a map

Sometimes it’s very convenient to choose a hotel according to its location on the map. On the map you will see not only the location of the hotel, but also the estimated cost of living per day.
Choose hotels in Paris, New York, Miami Beach, Rome, Venice, Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities.

Accommodation searching tricks, tips and advice. Have a nice trip!


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