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flights Where to find flights? The answer is known to everyone - on the Internet. The Internet provides a convenient opportunity to find all flights to the city of your destination, choose the one that suits you best and buy tickets without leaving your home.

Buying the cheapest flight is not always the best solution. As a rule, the cheapest flights have significant disadvantages.
For example:

  • The flight may depart (and arrive) at an inconvenient time for you.
  • The flight may have a stopover and therefore the journey will take longer.
  • You may have to pay extra for transporting your baggage.

Please carefully check all the conditions before purchasing a ticket.

You can use any one of the popular online flight search engines: VISIT-PLUS,, Skyscanner, Momondo, Aviasales, Supersaver, These services usually give similar results to flight searches.

Useful link These services may be useful to you when you are planning a trip:

Flight search engines are very useful for travelers. You can compare the offers of many airline and choose the best. You can buy tickets online there too.

There are several popular sites. Skyscanner is popular with Europeans. Americans like Momondo's search engine too. The most popular site for buying air tickets in Russia is Aviasails (Jetradar).

These services often provide their data to other sites to search for air tickets. For example, the search engine, presented on our website, uses Aviasails data and programs.

Air ticket searching, booking and sale are a complex system that integrates airlines, global distribution systems, agents (subagents) and ticket buyers. Many people are buying tickets in these systems at the same time. The situation with tickets availability and cost can be changed every hour.

Airlines sell tickets for their flights both by themselves and through accredited vendors. If you constantly use the services of one airline, you'd better go straight to the website of the company. If you fly irregularly and want to find all the offers on the route you need, it will be more convenient for you to use the services of air ticket aggregator sites. The search engine will compare the offers of different airlines and offer you the best options. You can buy tickets for direct flights and for flights with a transfer.

Useful links: accommodation (hotels, apartments), taxi from the airport to the hotel, guided tours.

flights Install the application on your smartphone and search for flights when it is convenient for you.

Price Calendar

The calendar will help you find the best, lowest price for flights to the city you need. Change the departure and arrival airports to see the cheapest flights on your route.

Be careful when buying tickets

What should I look for when buying a ticket online.

  • Carefully study all information at all stages of ticket purchasing.
  • There are tickets for which you can change the departure date, and tickets with fixed dates.
  • Be careful when buying tickets for charter flights. Changes in the time of departure of the charters (and cancellation of the flight) occur more often than on regular flights.
  • Transportation of baggage can be included in the cost of the flight, and be provided for an additional fee. The requirements for hand luggage from different airlines may also differ.
  • To pay for tickets, you will most likely need a Visa or Master Card.
  • Check in for the flight is also better by yourself, on the Internet or at the self-check-in point at the airport. In some cases, an online check-in is not possible. Some airlines charge an additional fee for check-in at the airport by airline staff.

The process of buying air tickets on the Internet is a well-established procedure. This makes the majority of the passengers of the aircraft, and this certainly will not cause any difficulties for you.

Where to find tickets

There are many online services where you can search for flights. For example: Jetradar,, Google, VISIT-PLUS,, WayAway, CheapOair. In most cases, they give approximately the same results.

Useful links: accommodation (hotels, apartments), taxi from the airport to the hotel, guided tours.

You have the right to compensation

Unpleasant situation happens sometimes with travelers: delays and cancellations of flights, overbooking. The reasons may be different (bad weather, technical failures, strikes).

Did you know that you have the right to compensation in the amount of € 250 to € 600, in some cases if your flight is connected with the EU and Turkey.

Assistance to passengers in such situations is handled by Compensair - Compensation for flight delay or cancellation

Don't hesitate. Look for the flight you need now, find out the prices, check the flight schedule.

Useful links: accommodation (hotels, apartments), taxi from the airport to the hotel, guided tours.



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