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Planning a trip to Marbella - Europe's top holiday destination 2024

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Many Europeans will go on holiday to the Mediterranean coast of Spain this year. But where exactly? There are many wonderful places in Spain! They tell us - to Marbella!

One of the tourism rankings named Marbella the best tourist destination in Europe this year. Many online publications have replicated this opinion.

This is both good and bad at the same time.
Good - because we don’t have to choose where to go on vacation in the summer, spring, autumn. We know the answer - in Marbella!
It's bad - because too much attention will be drawn to this beautiful town. And if Europeans know that Marbella is just one of the good places for a beach holiday in Europe, then tourists from North America will prefer Marbella. And this can cause unnecessary excitement and possibly even an increase in prices.

In reality, Marbella is just one of many coastal towns along the Casto del Sol coastline. It is unlikely that Malaga, Fuengirola or Benalmadena are worse. All along the Costa del Sol you can have a great time in the summer (early autumn and late spring).

But, if you have already decided that you want to go to Marbella, then this is, without a doubt, a good decision. Let's start planning a trip?

Let's start planning a vacation

The Costa del Sol is a stretch of the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Although the coast has 320 days of sunshine a year, Marbella is considered to have some advantages. Marbella is surrounded by mountains that change the microclimate so that the temperature is comfortable at any time of the year: not too hot in summer and slightly warmer in winter.

There are many beaches in Marbella and nearby. Located in the city center, the beaches are well accessible and have many restaurants and shops, but can get crowded in the summer. Those who love privacy can find a beach away from the city center.

There are several Michelin starred restaurants there. Gourmets will love this.

Marbella attracts golfers because it has more golf courses than other towns on the Costa del Sol.

Looking for a flight

Marbella is approximately 50 kilometers (30 miles) from the city of Malaga. If you are planning a holiday on the Costa del Sol, then you need to look for flights to Malaga Airport (AGP).

Here you can check the cost of flights to Malaga from your nearest airport. (You can find direct flights from many European cities, as well as New York.)

Order a transfer

You can get to Marbella from the airport by bus, taxi or rent a car. A taxi is the most convenient transfer option for tourists with large suitcases, and especially for tourists with children.
Do you want to book a taxi 🚕 in Marbella in advance?

There are many beaches in the city and surrounding areas.
Playa de Venus beach is located in the heart of Marbella. This is a very famous and lively beach due to its unique location.

Playa de la Bajadilla beach is located in the city center. This is the beginning of the Marbella promenade. The shallow depth makes it suitable for families with children. You need to be careful because there are stones in the water. This is one of the busiest beaches in the city.

Playa de la Fontanilla. The beach is located near the center. Busy beach, which is not good for everyone.

Playa del Cable. Nice beach located near the city center. It is believed that this beach is especially popular with young people because it offers a lot of entertainment, water sports and activities. The Bounty Beach Beach Bar gives this beach its second name.

Choosing a place to stay

Choose a hotel in the city center, near the waterfront, near the beach or near the golf course.

Marriott's Marbella Beach Resort. The hotel is located on the seafront, 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Marbella (closer to Malaga). The Santa Maria and Santa Clara golf courses are 3 km away.

Eurostars Oasis Marbella. This is a nice hotel in Marbella, close to Rio Verde Beach.

Villa Issabella. The villa is located in the Elviria area. Real de Zaragoza Beach is approximately 1.3 km away.

Marbella Club Hotel - Golf Resort & Spa. The hotel provides shuttle service to Marbella Club Golf Resort.

Guided tours and activities will fill your holiday with excitement

There are many activities for tourists in Marbella. You won't spend all your time on the beach, will you? Book a guided tour or boat trip. It will not be easy, but very interesting, to also visit Malaga, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid during your trip to Spain.

Don't limit yourself to just Marbella. There are many excellent coastal towns on the Costa del Sol.

We wish you a relaxing holiday and an exciting journey.


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