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This is the best time to prepare for your summer travels

Submitted by Visit Plus on Fri, 01/05/2024 - 22:18

The year 2024 has already arrived. According to experienced travelers, the beginning of the year is a good time to start planning summer travel for this year. This applies to both summer and spring travel.

To begin with, you would need to decide which places you would like to visit this year (where to spend your holiday).

Our experience suggests that in the first half of winter, in January (and early February), airlines offer fairly competitive prices for summer flights. You can find some pretty good (for the price) deals now. Later, as spring and summer holidays approach, demand will increase and prices will tend to remain high. Airlines will try to make maximum profits during the busy season.

We checked the cost of flights to some popular destinations.

New York - Cancun. You could buy a round trip flight New York - Cancun for the summer of 2024 for a price starting from $263. This is the cost of direct flights. (We checked prices in January 2024.)

New York - London. A round trip flight New York - London for autumn 2024 could be purchased for a price starting from $465.

Los Angeles - Honolulu. A round trip flight Los Angeles - Honolulu for August 2024 was offered today for purchase at a price starting from $215. This is the cost of direct flights. (We checked prices in January 2024.)

You can probably find better deals if you search persistently.

Have you already decided which hotel you would like to stay in during your trip? Experienced travelers know that some hotels for the summer season need to be booked in winter. Small, cozy boutique hotels in popular locations will be occupied in the spring.

If you start choosing a place to stay in advance, you will have a wider choice. Can I save money by booking a hotel in advance? Not in all hotels. Some hotels may offer an early booking discount, but not all.

Additional services and entertainment for tourists. Should guided tours, short cruises and activities be booked in advance? We think this is not necessary. You can buy additional entertainment after arriving at the place.
But there is an exception to this recommendation. There may be a long queue at some museums. You can avoid wasting time if you buy your ticket in advance online.


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